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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Swap My Load is a nonexclusive site, which is dedicated to one of my favorite sexual exploits. There's nothing quite like enjoying a three-way with two horny sluts who after taking turns sucking and fucking some dude end up swapping his sperm from one babe's lips to the other's mouth without spilling a drop of that creamy man juice. It's pure raunchiness and it's perhaps the perfect ending to the scenes on this site, as they often start with some lesbian foreplay, so it really does seem as if the ladies are merely using the man for his dick and that as bisexual chicks they really do want to share everything.

There are no still pics, only vid caps on SwapMyLoad. I suppose you could use them to preview the scenes, but since there are so few episodes so far that hardly seems necessary. There is no doubt in my mind that you're going to end up watching them all in the end anyway. Even though, the content isn't exclusive, I did find that the scenarios all resembled one another for the most part. They start with some female-on-female making out before some hung stud suddenly appears on the scene getting a double blowjob and sticking his rod into one pussy after another.

The 10 videos come in full-length Windows Media format, which unfortunately provides mediocre-looking playback at best. The vids do seem to last about 25 minutes or longer, but obviously with so few in existence so far, you're going to get through them rather fast. Moreover, the quality really does get in your way of enjoying these otherwise nasty threesomes unfolding. I'd like to say that the clips could pass for almost average, but really they are just that little bit blurry that tends to make you feel as if you might just be losing your vision a tad, when in fact, it's the bitrate to blame.

The site has 70 bonus sites and feeds, including Ass Then Mouth, Chocolate Rump Shakers, Anal Sex Virgin, Amateur Beaver and Camel Toe Fever. It is unclear how often the main content updates, but obviously, it really needs to grow and improve before I'd say this site is really worthwhile. Swap My Load has a presentation that is not nearly as hot as its subject matter.

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