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By: Rabbit
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I was half expecting to find some American Idol rejects at Desperate Popstars, but what I did found instead were some horny chicks, hungry for fame, fortune and cock. It seems as though these hotties will stop at nothing to make their dreams come true, but instead of getting their big break, they get a big bone in their box and a big load on their boobs. Lucky for us, it's all been captured on video!

Since I've been reviewing porn sites, I have to say that regular reality-TV really doesn't interest me anymore. I keep wondering when they're gonna get with on the bonin' and it never happens. Can you imagine how much better things would be if all the sexy chicks that got kicked off, voted off or "fired" from a show had to get naked and fuck instead of just leaving? Well, at DesperatePopstars, the gals who don't quite make the grade when it comes to singing make up for it by fucking their way to the top and sometimes they get a cock in their bottom.

Meet Tony and Lauro, two "wild and crazy guys" who are the geniuses behind this scam. So far, there are 20 videos of these foreign fellas tricking gullible gals into thinking they're going to be popstars. Well, in the end, all they get is a popshot, but not before they go to town on one or two cocks. You can check out the action by streaming the scenes in an imbedded Flash player or by downloading them either as good-looking Windows Media files or as average-quality iPod compatible files.

There are also 20 sets of pictures on the site and they're comprised of gorgeous, high-res images. you can download the entire photo galleries as Zip files, so there's no need to save the images one at a time. If you want, you also have the option of viewing the pics as part of a slideshow.

The site's adding new stuff every two weeks or so right now, so you can expect to have some time to kill in between updates. If you ask me, you should use that time to explore the many bonuses that come included with a membership. For example, there are Flash cartoons, a forum, streaming movies and a bunch of bonus sites like Deep Throat Tramps and Lesbians Elite.

There are some good things about Desperate Popstars and some bad things too. It needs to add a little more content and make good on its promises to offer DVD-quality video, otherwise, without the bonuses, it's just a'ight for me, dawg.

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