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By: Will Peters
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Virtua Girl

Virtua Girl HD is a new and improved version of the free software that provides you with virtual strippers on your desktop. You can pay a monthly fee to receive a new random babe each day or purchase shows individually for a couple of dollars each.

The image quality on VirtuaGirlHD has improved and you can even make these ladies fill just over half your screen. Some of the ladies keep it completely all tease, while others perform full-frontal nudity and play with themselves in a more explicit fashion.

There are 616 updates so far. Besides coming with the actual desktop strip show, each one includes some high-res pics, so there are 616 galleries of around 50 pics each. They normally show the model in the same outfit that she wears for her performance on your screen. These are considered bonuses. However, since other than the desktop shows there is no main content, I've decided to count it toward the total of what you get with your monthly membership.

Besides the over 600 live-babe animations that will scroll across your screen, a new one randomly sent to you each day, there are about 180 vids to download, a few for each of the different models. They all appear to offer good-looking playback.

Running the software for the women to appear seems to slow down your computer, unless you have one with a decent amount of memory or a fast processor. However, I will also say that the quality of the "live" shows is great and they really look like they are right there on your desktop performing for you.

I also found that it was a bit confusing to access the ladies that were already considered part of your collection. Just to clarify, although the monthly membership would eventually cycle through all the existing stripteases randomly, if you want to skip ahead to pick a specific lady yourself, you'll need to pay an additional charge of at least a few dollars.

Virtua Girl HD is gimmicky fun that is reasonably priced. However, the novelty might wear off, especially if your computer has performance problems.

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  • Comment by: steve

    Score: 50% Date: 04/19/2011

    This is a great application, but if you lose your user ID & password, you are screwed!! There is absolutely NO SUPPORT at all!! If you use this product, enjoy but never lose your login info or you're totally out of luck

  • Comment by: asmith12

    Score: 90% Date: 04/16/2009

    Girl stripping on the screen of your PC. Surprisingly entertaining. With paid subscription, new girl every day.