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The good people over at Score have launched yet another gateway to their excellent content with Score On Demand. This is a pay-per-view or pay-per-minute site that lets you decide how you want to get your porn.

There are those of us who don't need hours and hours of video footage to get off. If you're the kind of person who just watches porn for a few minutes at a time, these kind of pay-per-minute sites can be quite beneficial. In the long run, you might end up saving money. ScoreOnDemand also gives you the opportunity to rent and burn movies to disc, so it's all about how you want to view your porn and how much money you want to spend.

For those of you who are somewhat thrifty, the streaming pay-per-minute option is the best. Right now, there are over 1,100 "special web scenes" and over 450 DVDs. Many of the DVDs come with five or so scenes. I also want to mention that although I called them "streaming" they don't play directly on the site. Instead they open up on your video player or you can download them and play them from your desktop.

All the content combines to give you 3,200 scenes. I couldn't find any dates, so I can't confirm how often they add new DVDs. There are no photo sets. I watched a few scenes (just doing my job, folks) and for each one I had to download the excellent-quality file to my computer and then watch it from there. However, you must be logged into the site to watch it and I saw the available minutes in my account drop after I watched it so, yes, the site is paying attention.

In the past, you didn't have the option to view individual scenes. Instead, you had to watch entire DVDs from beginning to end. It was very disappointing, especially given that the site was charging by the minute. Thankfully, this has changed somewhat. While the entire DVD downloaded to my computer, I could easily skip back and forth while it played.

There is a basic search option and you can narrow down the collection by the Score network sites (40 Something Mag, 18 Eighteen, etc), but it would be nice if they added more search and filter options because with all this content and no advanced search or keyword tags, I found myself doing a lot of browsing without being able to really narrow down my search to specific areas I was interested in.

There are other viewing options. You can rent the entire DVD for a month and either download it for that period or just stream it. You will have to pay an extra fee that is separate from the per-minute charge. There is also a download and burn option, where you can download a large file, then burn it to a DVD. In some cases, you can actually order a copy of the DVD for less money than the download, while in others you're getting a bit of a deal.

I'm a big fan of Score and pretty much everything they do and this site is no exception. If you like the pay-per-minute option, there's a good chance you'll like Score On Demand.

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