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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Footgirl Jenny is a European model who loves to show off her feet. It is pure fetish content as it focuses on one foot or both in most every shot. Jenny might dress up a bit sexy in a bikini top for example, but she never gets nude. It's all about boots, athletic shoes, high heels, open-toed sandals, stocking feet, socks and barefoot posing. She also will occasionally throw in something extra such as smoking a cigarette, just to kick it up an extra fetishistic notch.

On FootgirlJenny, you will find 315 sets of pics, but you quickly realize that only a few are standalone sets and that most make up a continuation of the same photo spread. This would normally make counting the collection next to impossible, but the sets are marked with a "set #" and all the parts have the same number. So, I can tell you there are 202 high-res galleries. The photography is very slickly done with bright lighting and domestic backdrops that appear as if a homey scene was created within a studio setting.

The same issue recurs within the video section except there aren't any "set #" markings so an exact count isn't easy to determine. Also, there is a bit of a navigational flaw in that you can only jump ahead a few pages at a time and can't just get to any one page with one click.

There are 45 clips listed on a page individually, but normally a couple at a time appear to have been filmed during the same video shoot, so I'd say realistically there are about 30 videos. The older scenes offer RealPlayer and Windows Media format while the newer ones are WMV and QuickTime. Video quality ranges from average to HD, but most are good in quality. Even two clips added together only combine to create about four minutes of footage.

There aren't any extras. Instead, you'll have really to be into this Jenny chick, which for some won't be difficult. She does change her look throughout the site from brunette to blonde and back again. She has straight hair sometimes, curly other times. One thing I found slightly interesting was that her eyebrows appear to be painted on, which can be very chic, but isn't to everyone's taste.

There is no indication of how often the site updates, but they have only added about 20 new movies since we were last here in 2007, so that doesn't imply much updating at all. Footgirl Jenny just doesn't seem worth it right now.


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  • Comment by: Doug

    Score: 80% Date: 07/06/2010

    Yeah...this one is a judgement call. Do you like Jenny so much you just gotta have her? If so, then get the subscription. I did, but was disappointed in the amount of content. Jenny is special sexy, but hard to justify any repeat subscription.

  • Comment by: sequoia

    Score: 100% Date: 04/11/2010

    It may be a small amount per dollar, but it is quality rather than quantity. I saw these nasty hate reviews and avoided the site looking for others, but I kept coming back to the amazing jenny, who is just simply the best of them all. even with the too low for my taste resolution of images (and I don't care about videos) she simply is the most marvelous model of them all. Her skin is astonishing and I wish the resolution was better to do her justice. I recommend getting a 1 month subscription to DL it is and enjoy and SUPPORT this incredible model. Jenny is AMAZING.

  • Comment by: Spacker

    Score: 1% Date: 03/03/2010

    It hasn't been updated in ages, contains loads of broken links and the wmv videos are gone leaving you with poor quality rm video files.

  • Comment by: footboy1978

    Score: 20% Date: 12/27/2009

    Well, the reviewer above hit the nail on the head, but if anything he was WAY too kind. Unless you had met this girl at a convention and have some unusually strong fixation on her, there is no reason to join this site. The amount of content per dollar vs. nearly every other site in the entire world is ludicrous. This is a truly pathetic amount of content for premium prices. And the lack of any sex (or at least footjobs, like every other world-class foot fetish website has...and for a lot less money) make this a must-pass.

    And to make it nearly comical, she has slightly DEFORMED FEET! Geez! I am no podiatrist, but she has that rather gross condition where the toes start pointing towards the outside of the foot, which only gets worse with age. I know, because I had a grandmother with an advanced case of that same ugly foot disorder.

    So lets do the math:

    1. Her website cost as much or more then sites with litterally have 100x the content.

    2. Nothing "erotic" whatsoever, just posing her feet. Not a footjob, solejob, or toejob to be found.

    3. A foot fetish site starring a girl with slightly deformed feet! Is this for real?

    Do yourselves a favor and spend the money where it's warranted. You know the sites I mean. I'd list them, but some would think I was working for one of those sites. This woman clearly thinks she is something far more special then a moderately attractive, jacked-feet havin, wanna-be fetish superstar.