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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When a lady wants to make her sagging figure trimmer, so she can fit into a smaller dress, she goes in for a nip and tuck. When a dude wants to reduce his raging erection to normal size, so he can do up his pants, he goes for a Tug And Suck instead.

You be the judge as to which operation you'd rather witness firsthand (pun intended). I'm betting seeing fat sucked out is hardly as exciting as some horny chick sucking the excess sperm out of a dick while she works it over with her lubed up fingers. I'm basing it less on the number of liposuction surgeries I've actually seen, but more on seeing the horny broads on TugAndSuck grab life by the balls on camera.

The 47 videos offer outstanding playback, but there's a catch. Three lower-quality versions of each of the flicks come in partial, as well as full-length clips and they can be streamed in an embedded player. The highest-quality option can only be downloaded in a single full-length movie, so those files tend to be a bit large. It can take some time to download each, even with a high-speed connection, but it's obviously worth it when you see it on screen. Most of the scenarios last from just over 15 minutes to almost 20 minutes in length.

There are 43 photo galleries with about 150 shots each. Each episode has a set of vid caps as well. The babes do mostly solo posing followed by a mix of blowjob with a dash of handjob, before the fellows they're with shoot a load all over their faces, or tits. I have to say that I found the action part of the scenes more effectively portrayed in the videos than in the pictures, but the posing part certainly was captured well in still pics.

There are 13 bonus sites that include Boobs And Bottoms, Foxy Black Butts and Solo Butts. The updates are very sporadic and look to be coming in around once a month these days. Tug And Suck seems well worth its middle of the road membership rate, even if its main content sill needs some time to grow.

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