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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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AV is an acronym for something I suppose. However, I can't really discern whether they meant audio visual or Asian visions when they came up with the sitename, AV Lovers. Either way, you'll have access to a colossal amount of content featuring beauties of the Asian persuasion and dirty Japanese animation films as well. Those who like porn from the Orient with a mix of live action and painstakingly drawn scenes will be stoked about this new site.

When it comes to site design and navigation, I've always been a harsh critic. When something doesn't look aesthetically appealing or isn't user-friendly, I make users aware of the drawbacks. Thankfully, with AVLovers I'll be spreading some praise about both the look and ease of use of this site.

Not only does it make surfing for dirty Asians and filthy Hentai a breeze, but this site also gives you almost too much material to look at. You'll have access to 835 movies. These are broken down into three distinct categories with which Asian lovers will be familiar, including uncensored, censored and anime videos. You can download them in good-looking Windows Mediaformat, but they'll take a fairly long time to download, even with a broadband connection.

What can you expect from these movies? If you've checked out beauties from the Orient before, then you may know that much of the porn is heavily censored in Japan. They aren't allowed to show genitals, so on about 280 of the 835 available scenes, you'll probably see them blurred out of the image.

Have no fear though, because the same issue doesn't hold true for both the uncensored and anime versions, where you'll see all the nitty, gritty sucking, fucking, pussy licking and facial cumming action. Moreover, these are, in fact, the majority of the available scenes, which I'm sure will make all you Asian pussy lovers very satisfied.

In addition to the movies, your membership will give you access to 529 galleries. These images are high-quality, but sometimes demonstrate a slight amount of blurring, so just be aware of this issue. In addition, your membership comes with some live cams, third-party streaming videos and a store.

If you don't mind finding one or two DVDs that you have watched before, then AV Lovers will provide more than enough content to make it worth your while. However, if you need exclusive material or completely uncensored content, move along.

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