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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Pleasurable Fantasy is dedicated to a rather prolific chick from the U.K. named Natalie. You're only signing up to one site, but Nat is actually the star of a few others, too, and you get them all with your one membership, so you can imagine that she's a busy little beaver indeed.

She may be blonde and have a smoking-hot tanned bod, but there's just something about this broad - besides the way she speaks - that reeks of the British. Even if she's a total freak in the bedroom, she has something that distinguishes her from pornstar wannabes from The Valley. Brit amateurs always exude a real down-to-earth, albeit slightly trashy and totally horny, attitude that American gals only pretend to have. Just take a look at PleasurableFantasy and you'll see what I mean.

Her site looks pretty dull and dated, but at least navigation is simple. There are 78 movies on Natalie's website and they can all be downloaded in Windows Media files. They're not overly long, lasting 7 to 12 minutes, but they're still enjoyable. The quality does vary, but I found that they all generally landed in the average to good range. The movies are downloadable, but they can't be streamed.

In some cases you'll feel as if you're right there with her. This performer might be an amateur, but the camerawork is rather good, even if filmed with a handheld device in some cases. Whoever is behind the lens does a good job of zooming in from different angles while being careful to make sure that the tasty Nat is always at the center of the action.

There are also 24 sets of pictures and as far as fantastical pleasures go, Natalie covers quite a few in her collection. Sometimes she simply masturbates, making her hole gape on camera, and other times she gets creative and sticks all sorts of sundry up her slit. The photo quality is generally good and some even offer up high-res images.

She has only added 12 new scenes since 2009, so obviously updating isn't a priority. There are at least some bonus sites, though, including Southern Cum Sluts and My Gloryhole Confessions.

Pleasurable Fantasy is a one-woman show that provides a look at how many ways one chick can enjoy getting off on her own. But the lack of updates (if any) does put a damper on this one.

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