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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Her name is Lucy, but her friends call her Lucky, which would explain the name of her site, Sweet Lucky. Unfortunately, those of you getting a membership to enjoy Lucy won't be as lucky. Sure, there are some hot photo sets and some sexy videos of this beautiful Czech babe. However, it's the overall amount that is the big problem.

I counted nine videos, which is already a very low amount, but there are actually even fewer than that, because four of the scenes have a "Flash version not yet available" message, meaning you can't do anything with them. In the end, you only get five videos.

There are also a mere 31 picture galleries on SweetLucky, but what I saw I liked. Lucky is one hot chick and seeing her strip down and finger herself in the movies or even do a little hardcore butt banging in one of her photo shoots is a pleasure. The high-res pictures and the good-quality videos don't hurt either.

What does hurt, probably more than the lack of content, is the update situation. Lucky hasn't given us a new photo set since September 2011 and it has been even longer since she gave us a new video. Individual models often quit doing porn very early on. Maybe they were just doing it to pay for school or perhaps it's simply that no one stays a teen forever, so instead of seeing how a girl looks as a young woman, we are left with old scenes where she never grows older.

So why haven't I yelled at you to stop reading and go find another site to join? Well, that is because of the bonuses. Lucky's site is part of a sweet network that includes 12 more similar sites from a dozen other sexy chicks, like Sweet Ira, Sweet Denisa, Sweet Regina, Sweet Zuzanna and Sweet Tiffany. Now, none of these are that large either and, from what I can tell, they're not growing.

Those of you interested in checking out good-quality content from 13 cute chicks might find a membership for 30 days worthwhile. However, keep in mind that the majority of content is made up of photos rather than videos. And, at the end of the day, Sweet Lucky may entice you, but if she's really who you're after, you'll be left with a short-lived experience.

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