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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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When I say the sitename Silent Views, what comes to mind? I thought that maybe I had stumbled across a silent-porn-film site. However, this is a professional photography site with plenty of postmodern minimalist photo spreads.

Some of you might become so awestruck by the beauty of the babes on SilentViews that you'll indeed be speechless - hence, the presumed silence during your viewing. I know that it's one heck of a stretch, but I don't come up with these sitenames, I just write about them. However, don't hate the player, or the game in this case, because you'll love what you'll find inside if you like hot amateur babes.

There are 339 sets of high-res pictures and you'll get to see every detail in crystal-clear images as they can be stretched to fill more than the size of your monitor. The sets can be downloaded in Zip files and viewed in a slideshow. Although you will see bare tits, asses and pussies, it's definitely a softcore experience. There aren't any videos.

They get creative with some of the sexy clothes the chicks wear, from fiery-red lace lingerie to sheer silk stockings to simple white cotton panties to thigh-high boots. They also mix up the props and themes, so you can see a gal completely naked holding a riding crop, covered in nothing but a few patches of mud, or covered in oil set against the backdrop of a mechanic's garage.

The collection has updated 15 times in the last 30 days, so the site seems to be growing at a good rate. The models come with a short bio and you can browse them alphabetically or review the sets by their posting dates. There aren't any extras, but you can keep track of all the galleries that catch your eye by saving them as favorites. You can also give your feedback on the photos by rating them.

These are real women. They're attractive, but not made to look perfect. The pictures lack the glossiness of traditional glamour photos, while not being so raw as to be purely amateur in quality. Silent Views has some hot Euro-babe photo content and it's a good website for lovers of softcore photography.


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