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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Spanking, like any other painful pleasure, is a delicate art. There is always a point where the heat from your red ass starts making you scream in pure pain, rather than moaning in pure pleasure. On Spanking Bare Butts, you'll get a mix of scenes, including babes spanking babes, outdoor spankings and spankings with a well-thought-out setup, such as spending too much on the credit card. If that sounds spankalicious, then you best take down your pants and read on.

When it comes to site design and navigation, I'm a stickler. I may like having my own ass reddened or watching it happen to others, but I certainly don't like getting punished with a poorly organized site. You'll find what you're looking for without any difficulty on SpankingBareButts, but the site looks a little amateur, even though it looks better now than it used to. Since Bryanna shoots her own scenes, it all makes sense and it's part of this site's appeal.

Bryanna is a beautiful babe in her 20s who enjoys a real-life spanking relationship with her hubby. She tends to get into quite a bit of trouble, which leads to her being spanked repeatedly. Sometimes the spankings she gets aren't meant to cause harm or correct her behavior, but rather to spice things up in the bedroom. It should be noted that Bryanna and her husband aren't the only ones who get in on the corporal punishment, as several other cute chicks also make appearances.

There are currently 200 downloadable scenes. While the earliest movies are available in a mediocre Windows Media format, the latest additions are available as good-quality WMVs. It would be nice if all the vids looked as good as the newer ones, but even the worst of the flicks are still a lot of fun to watch.

In addition to the movies, you'll have access to 200 photo galleries. The images are crisp and high-res and there tends to be an average of about 20 pics per gallery. You can download them in Zip files. Take a glimpse of some of the content before you decide to download or while you're waiting for a fresh scene to arrive.

As for bonuses, there isn't much at the moment aside from a blog. However, the site is already worth a look and it is getting bigger (albeit with only about two to three updates per month).

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  • Comment by: Rick

    Score: 40% Date: 10/30/2014

    I do not usually like to criticize sites, because I know that the business is tough, and they are doing their best, but with this site I will make an exception, because I do NOT think they are doing their best. On the contrary, they are doing their LEAST, when it comes to spanking. I have never seen such soft, powder-puff spankings in my life. There are a few bright, impressive exceptions, such as the lady spanking her daughter and her friend for bad grades, but apart from that lady, everyone else spanks as if they are afraid that their hands will hurt from too much contact. They also put no effort into looking good, or wearing attractive outfits. Most of the time, the clothes are casual, relatively unpleasant, uninspiring, unattractive housewear, and there is just no fire, no life to it. Even the presence of Zoe could not revive this site from its self-imposed somnolence. Anyone who wants to see REAL spanking, being done to girls who actually CARE how they look and dress, should stay far away from this site.

  • Comment by: Mom

    Score: 94% Date: 03/12/2013

    Pros: I love this site because they have lots of mom spanking daughter videos which is what I enjoy the most.

    Con: Right now they don't accept Visa, but the owner Bryanna says that is going to change. It's not a problem for me because I have a Mastercard.

  • Comment by: SadPanda

    Score: 70% Date: 12/31/2011

    Mediocre but solid

  • Comment by: vanman

    Score: N/A Date: 05/02/2011

    This website doesn't accept visa cards.