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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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When you think of elegance, does an image of Audrey Hepburn in her black Breakfast At Tiffany's costume come to mind? If so, then the images of these chicks being bound and tortured at Restrained Elegance would be far from what you had in mind. Nevertheless, with its simple, but effective and constructive design, this site and the content contained within it are nothing short of graceful.

In the scene I checked out, a naked, blonde bombshell sits in the midst of a spherical cage. Both underneath and above the enclosure, there are numerous candles waiting to be lit by her Master. He blindfolds her, lights the candles and expects her to feed him dessert before she'll get away from the hot, red wax. Scenarios like this are standard at RestrainedElegance.

Currently, there are 133 scenes. Once you sign up, you can download each one and there are various formats offered with the most recent ones providing HD MP4 files. Sound good? I thought you'd like that. As far as updating goes, things look a little inconsistent, but they did add seven new movies in the last 30 days.

Your membership also comes with 500 sets of pictures. The quality here is crisp and clear, but it isn't necessarily consistent. Within one set, I saw images that varied from high-res to super high-res. I'm not sure what that's about, but its all high, so thats good. You can also download your favorite sets in Zip files if you desire.

Galleries here, like the movies, are filled with glamorous shots of chicks all tied up. Okay, in one set, the model is only handcuffed, but she is naked. Moreover, she moves around, so you get a variety of interesting images to bring to your mind now and in the future.

For the most part, I liked the design of this site. However, I did have some issues with the navigation in the fact that the content is often presented all on one page, which leads to lots of scrolling.

Even though the masochistic chicks have an elegant way of carrying themselves, even under the pressure of pain, they are only literally restrained in various contraptions. At Restrained Elegance, they don't demonstrate any figurative restraint as these enslaved chicks appear comfortable, no matter how naked they are. The content is good, and with the video section now a more reasonable size, I can give this one a recommendation.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Morello

    Score: 50% Date: 03/05/2013

    On the whole, good quality photos of very attractive girls in various types of bondage.

    The sets often lack imagination. The first photo is ok, but it doesn't go anywhere, so you just end up with 30 versions of the same photo from a slightly different angle.

    They could show stages of the bondage being applied, maybe have the girl gradually being stripped during the set. Sometimes they do, but most times it is just very similar pictures being repeated.

    I haven't visited the site for a while, so I was surprised to see so many sets I downloaded 3 years ago are on the site claiming to have been added weeks ago.

  • Comment by: chuffer

    Score: 20% Date: 12/26/2012

    This site has gone from great to okay to terrible in the space of 3 years. the same thing over and over as updates, the producers of the site appear to be so far up their own rectum thus all they care about is the resolution and large file sizes they are throwing up, not the actual quality of whats happening. Basically, once you've seen 2 or 3 videos from the site, you have seen EVERY single one. At least a few years ago they tried. couldn't agree more with the reviews posted before me. sure there is nothing else like it on the web, but there is a reason for that, a site name change to Repetitively Restrained - it should be called.

  • Comment by: pdrg_1

    Score: 54% Date: 06/25/2012

    I recently joined Restrained Elegance on the tour and preview clips that were seen on the non-member area of the site, sadly though once you join you feel a little hard done by, nothing actually happens to the girls which is believable nor do the storylines contain anything strong or harsh which is what would be initiated from having cuffs or being tightly bound.

    It all seems to fall apart and I'm pleased I convinced myself to give the site a go instead of commit to the rather obscene 12 month package (obscene now I have indeed sampled the fruits) - I think the producers at the site believe that as long as the quality of their productions is the very best (in resolution) the actual content will match. Sadly this isn't the case, I don't mind too much the resolution of a site (and I've been a member of many bondage sites), as long as the actual story, acting and discipline of the bondage is justified and works. Moaning is one thing, but there is only so much you can stomach.

    Yes content wise the site is better than others out there, but then again, the price of membership is double what most other sites cost. And other sites tend to specialize in an area of bondage and nail that down. I won't be a member next month, and I guess that's all there is to it.

  • Comment by: Simba

    Score: 43% Date: 02/07/2011

    I've been a longtime member of various bondage sites over the years and a few years ago I was a member of - back then the website was a pretty decent website featuring a variety of girls in bound situations, quite light bondage mind, but it was still well executed. I signed up a couple of months ago again to see if I was missing anything, I'm afraid to say it's all gone a bit downhill. The videos although have improved in quality compression wise, the actual content is tried, tested and completely worn out. The other big turn off for all bondage fans it the main webmaster seems to use restrainedelegance as a virtual diary, where he and his partner, bondage model Ariel seem to make update after update with very strange situations. Most recently, and probably the reason I won't join again is an update where Ariel performs a dance for about 40 seconds, the video then follows a long story about how it was all put together. It was just bad, not sexy and certainly not much to do with strict or restrained bondage.

    What used to be full of pretty sexy models bound and elegantly tied up has turned into a strange video and photo blog for Ariel and webmaster to display their weird, perhaps pseudo relationship to one another.

    The back content is there yes but it would be nice to log onto a joined site and have new fresh ideas and models bound and enjoying themselves!

  • Comment by: tom

    Score: 75% Date: 12/27/2010

    Overall a good site, a lot of variety (within the theme of the site).

    Two problems, first they seem to recycle archive content, which I hate. The updates alternate between good quality, hi-res new shoots and relatively lo-res, presumably archive, material which isn't up to scratch for a modern site. It isn't like they are cheap.

    Second, in common with other similar sites, some of the photsets are basically the same photo taken 30 times from slightly different angles.

    Overall, it is still a good site.