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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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To the general public, tissues are merely a convenient item used to blow a nose and maybe wipe some hands. To the chicks at Kleanx Queens, however, they are a sexy type of clothing used to hide and tease at the same time.

It isn't often that I get to say this in reviewing a site, but, I have never seen anything like KleanxQueens on any website I have yet reviewed. That doesn't necessarily make it a great site, but it does make it original, which is a good start.

The concept is quite simple, and it is referred to, by the site itself, as extreme non-nude content. As with other non-nude sites, the chicks spend some time teasing us in skimpy little outfits and in this case, they even remove their clothes completely. However, after they take their bra and panties off, they replace them with tissues, which they then stick to their naughty bits using water from a little spray bottle.

It might sound a little odd, but these hot Tissue Queens make it pretty sexy. Also, although it is technically non-nude, because water makes tissue transparent, you will see their boobs and maybe the outline of their pussy. Asses are sometimes totally uncovered, so that is all good as well.

Kleanx Queens is a pretty new site and so far, there are 42 photo sets and 14 videos available. The pictures are large, high-res shots and the movies are downloadable in great-looking Windows Media format. They can also be streamed. I am going to say that they are updating once a week, which is easy to confirm since right on the main page, it clearly shows you the last few updates added and the next few to be added with precise dates labeling each.

Bonus content includes access to three more sites: Rear Frontier, Yummi Lee and Naughty Paige. These sites are also relatively new, good-quality sites. Kleanx Queens is a high-quality site with an original concept. I would recommend heading on over and checking out the tour. If what you see appeals to your senses, then, as long as they are updating regularly, you will have yourself a worthwhile membership.

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