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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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So many babes who get braces in their teen years are embarrassed and try to hide their mouths from pubic view. On Beauty And Braces, the babes don't hide their mouths. Instead, they proudly display them.

Now, I have seen other braces sites and, in general, they haven't been anything that original. They have tended to be general porn sites in which the chicks just happened to be wearing braces. BeautyAndBraces is very different. Here the braces are more then just an accessory to the fetish. In fact, they're front and center.

In one of the scenes, some cute, naked chick sits down while a pair of white-gloved hands pokes and prods at her brace-filled mouth. In another, we see a cutie using a large magnifying glass to get us right in close on her tin mouth as she bites into and chews on a strawberry. Yet another video provides us with the sight of two naked chicks standing together as one puts a mouth vibrator in the other one's metal mouth and turns it on while caressing her.

So far, there are 52 videos that can be streamed or downloaded as Windows Media files. Most of the flicks can also be enjoyed in either Flash or as DivX-encoded AVIs. The movies can vary in quality, but many of them offer stellar-quality playback.   

As far as pictures go, there are 196 photo galleries to check out. While there's section of the site devoted entirely to pics, it's actually split up into five subsections that are labeled "artistic," "fetish," "dirty," "food" and "beauty." In each subsection, you'll find a different number of pic sets that contain high-res, gorgeous images that can be downloaded in Zip files. 

It isn't clear how often the site is updating, but it can't be more than two or three times a month. You can kill time between updates by taking a look at the six bonus sites, like Kinky Zee, Rope Rookie and Toxxxy.

Given how original and focused this high-quality braces site is, those interested won't be sorry if they sign up right away. Beauty And Braces has only improved over time, so don't hesitate to check it out.

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  • Comment by: Dave

    Score: 80% Date: 09/05/2010

    I travel back and forth to this site, and overall it is pretty good. The site has a nice look and feel, and navigation is easy along with fast downloads.

    The models are young and attractive as well.

    What I also like about it is that it is very different yet all original, and offers folks who have an interest in this fetish a wide array of content.

    To me it is worth checking out, but here are some dislikes...

    First, the videos although very clear are short. Some more than others, but I would love for them to be a tad bit longer, say, 10 to 15 minutes every now and then instead of the average 4 or 5 minutes.

    The other dislike is that this site does not update all that often...especially with videos. This is a bad thing for current members (formally myself) and leads us to cancel our membership.

    I'll be back at some point again, but I would like to see some updated videos. It's a big disappointment to come back two months later only to find out there are no new videos since you last checked in and only a handful of photo updates.

    They really need to resolve/address that issue.

    It would also be absolutely wonderful if the site owner took requests for future videos. Maybe not a whole script, but at least be willing to add in certain "fetish" elements from member feedback.

    I have some ideas I would like to see, but cannot contact the owner directly.

    As for the photo shoots, I have no complaints as there is a nice amount of content, but once again, very little updates.

    So, for folks who never had a membership, there is enough to keep you busy there for a while, so get yourself a membership.

    However, once you had your fill, don't expect there to be anything new all that frequently.

    The last time I checked (June 2010), updates are far and few between. Especially video updates.

    Hope this review helped. I give the site an 80/100 score overall. Not too many sites like this around, and if you love chicks in braces, this should be a nice