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Updated on: 04/03/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The website has grown, but it isn't much bigger now than it was back in 2012.

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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

She Ani Male is dedicated to transsexual toon porn and unlike many other toon sites, the content here is exclusive. The artwork is based on stories from members, so you'll see a wide range of drawing styles. Everything from Japanese-inspired drawings to ones paying homage to one of television's favorite animated families is featured in this diverse collection.

I bet that show's creator would have a cow if he only knew what his blue-haired MILF character was doing to her chubby dolt of a hubby. At any rate, you'll get a kick out of every click on SheAniMale, although you too may have a cow when you realize that there are just 13 animations. And that number has only grown by one since our last visit.

You can download and stream the movies in Flash. The streams have to load before you can skip ahead, but the delay is quite short. Although most are below average in quality, when you happen to come across one of the few that has average-quality playback it doesn't look significantly better.

Part of the reason is because these aren't animated films in the traditional sense. It's just shots of the comics with dialogue added, along with some close-ups and fades from one frame to the next. Even though you're seeing static images moving across the screen, it does feel as if they've come alive. You can read the same stories in their original form without the animation, but there's little doubt you'll find the animated versions more engaging.

This site is really about its photos, though, and on that front you'll find 923 pic sets. They come with high-res images that can be downloaded in Zip files. The sets have about a dozen pics or frames each and there are three categories to choose from, including 127 sets with 3D graphics, 238 cartoons and 558 hentai galleries. Only 15 sets have been added to the site since November 2012.

You'll definitely get a sense that these artists have a thing for sperm-coated hardcore, ginormous boobs and monster cocks. However, you can't really fault them for that. Besides, they keep the ideas fresh, but, again, it helps that a member can write in to suggest plots. You can read the member-submitted stories and submit your own.

There are no bonus sites when you first join, unless you spring for a six-month membership. Instead, there's a loyalty bonus after the first 30 days and then you have the choice of one out of several live-action tranny sites. She Ani Male doesn't seem to be updating much these days, but it still beats many other toon sites when it comes to pricing and unique content.

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  • Comment by: Uvelir

    Score: 77% Date: 05/19/2011

    Great shemale toons site! I like it!