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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Glory Hole Bangersis a site that records the anonymous sex representing a certain rite of passage. In fact, for many men not out of the closet, it remains the best way to score sex. On our last visit, the site was transitioning to a new design, but now it's reverted to its original format. In the process, it has lost some content and that's too bad because there wasn't that much to begin with.

GloryHoleBangers has 25 videos and besides that being three fewer than there were on my last visit, something else has changed for the worse. The few that were good quality are gone. All the vids are now only in Windows Media format with mediocre-quality playback. You also will no longer find any full-length versions, they're all in multiple clips.

In most cases, it's rather difficult to enjoy the sucking and, in some cases, the anal sex. The bit rates just aren't decent enough. Despite some scenes being brightly lit, you might as well be in the dimly lit stall of some rest stop john. In other instances, the footage was actually shot in a dimly lit space to give it a more authentic feel and it is next to impossible to see what's going on.

There are no pics, only blurry vid caps. There aren't that many scenes, so presumably you'd want to try to watch them all. What's even stranger is that a couple don't even have accompanying vids. They simply have slightly larger images. Enlarging them doesn't make them any less mediocre looking, though.

The amateur performers are average-looking fellows in most cases. They're cute, but not necessarily pornstar perfect, especially when it comes to their more natural physiques. Some of the scenes seem to have been sampled from pro material, so the guys are buffer and more hung, but they're often dated judging by the studs' haircuts.

There are 40 bonus sites, including Cholo Lovers, Bareback Bottoms, Chocolate Rosebud, Do Me Bareback and Cock Dockers, 65 video feeds and 11 downloadable MPEGs. This site hasn't updated in ages. Glory Hole Bangers is a small hole in the wall that is far from glorious.

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