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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Are you a candidographer? Do you even know what the term means? If so, then you will definitely want to be a part of the community on The Candid Board. Those of you still confused, don't worry, that's why I am here.

Candidography is the art of taking photos and videos of people without them knowing. For the purpose of this site, those "people" are chicks and the photos tend to get as naughty as the candidographer can get it.  They then post them on TheCandidBoard. 

What happens when you see a hot babe with a great ass walking down the street? Maybe you follow her for a bit and enjoy the view, then continue on your way. For the dudes who post stuff on the site, they do the same thing, although while they are following her they are also sneaking some pictures or taking a short video of that great ass.

The same is true for babes in skirts as they are unaware of the camera angled up at their panties. The examples go on and on and on, which would explain the largeness of this community site. It is also more than just a voyeur site. It is a place for fans of true voyeur content to come, chat, comment, upload content and browse loads of pics and videos.

The design was obviously the least of their concerns when putting it all together, as it looks and navigates like a huge forum with lots of text and links. There is, however, a menu bar at the top of the page that allows members to get to the photo and video sections with just one click. Although, I did find myself trying to get back to the homepage and having to constantly login again, which was annoying.

Once inside either section, you will find page after page of thumbnails. It is impossible to count them all, but a rough estimate puts the numbers somewhere around 10,000 photo sets and 3,600 videos. New material is being added to the collection every day. While some sets of pics might have 5 to 10 photos, others consist of just one. On a similar note, the videos vary in length, with some running for less than 10 seconds and others for several minutes.

The quality of the content was surprisingly good in general, but, of course, it does vary greatly since these are user-generated images and are taken with everything from a video camera to a cell phone. The videos stream in Flash in an embedded player and there is also an option to download the clips in their original formats. These vary in quality, but it seems that you can often count on getting good-quality playback.

You came to The Candid Board for the voyeur community and this really is one of the best in the genre out there.The website could make it a little easier to get around, but it's pretty decent overall.

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  • Comment by: watcha

    Score: 80% Date: 02/05/2009

    This site has a huge collection of mostly excellent content, but it can be quite difficult to access and often absolute agony to upload to.

    The irony is that as a non-paying member I can view a large percentage of their photos and video clips for free, but if I actually want to contribute stuff from my own collection and/or take part in their forums, then in effect I have to PAY for the privilege!

    Well that's not quite true. Yes, it IS possible as a non-paying member to upload clips to what is in effect a huge video 'dump' containing 1000s of other clips, and in the past I have done so, but I also know that I will likely never receive any feedback for my pains and after a week or so my contributions will disappear into oblivion.

    Obviously the site needs to raise funds in order to survive and is therefore trying to induce subscribers to pay for 'elite' membership by offering certain extras, but the problem is these so-called benefits are hardly worth having.

    The upshot is that I resent being asked to pay $19.99 for the privilege of being allowed to upload content to a forum rather than a video dump, so now I've given paying and contributing altogether and simply access the free stuff whenever I feel like it.

    Are you listening, Satan?

  • Comment by: Hamburger78

    Score: 80% Date: 11/07/2008

    This sight used to be amazing five years ago. Now, it has become somewhat of a dinosaur. The page design is primitive, the server is unbearably slow, the content has slowed considerably, and the customer service displayed by the powers that be are downright deplorable. Moderators have been hired by the site and seem to take more pride in leaving negative comments and "banning" people than doing something constructive for the site itself. Unfortunately, if you yourself don't want to contribute, the community seems to want to have nothing to do with you. So if you join just to view pics and videos, this site may not be for you. If you DO contribute, the upload process can be slow, irritable and straight up painful. The candidographers here prefer to have only members that have voyeur photography as a lifestyle. While the overall content is enormous, the updates only happen when members actually contribute. In short, this site is absolutely worth joining if you have never been here. Just don't expect regular updates or five star hospitality. I should also note that I had a problem with my membership and nobody responded to me even after 3 emails. Old content spans over a number of years, so people that are new to the site will have a tremendous batch of pics and vids to choose from. But quite simply, pace yourself. Many candidographers have stopped posting here for a reason.

  • Comment by: co_dorin

    Score: 90% Date: 10/15/2008

    damn good site i am a member and def contribute...... loads and loads of content... all kinds be is ass,vpl,downblouse, tits, short skirts, legs, and their specialty upskirt.... all of it is original content members contribute it great great stuf,,,, website all though is not that fancy but lots of stufff,, anything u like it 90 for the way the layout and running of the site is but they update it regularly,,,, content way over 100...... worth it to join right now.... been a member for 5 months have some of my own content... stop by...