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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Cyber Dyke is a network of lesbian websites designed by women for other women to enjoy. It doesn't have the typically over glossy and somewhat cheesy babe-on-babe action that appears on man-made sites that might appeal to the lesbo fantasies of a straight man, but don't really do Sapphic erotica justice in any real way. That's not to say that what you'll find on this collection of sites won't appeal to a male audience as well, but it does a much better job at satisfying a female audience.

As a couple of examples on CyberDyke, let me mention Foot Femme first, which has 110 galleries and 27 videos. Obviously, the theme there is foot fetish. There are also stockings, pantyhose and high heels. Another one I'll bring up specifically is Posteriority. It has 141 galleries and 40 videos dedicated to lesbian ass worship.

These are just a small sampling to demonstrate a bit of the diversity in the all-female action here. There's plenty to see, though you'll be doing quite a bit of sifting and using your browser's back button to navigate between sites, because all the material isn't laid out and organized as nearly as well as it could be.

There are over 1,000 galleries total across all six active sites and eight archived ones. There are individual models, BDSM, shaved pussy, toy play and artistic photos filling a mix of exclusive and nonexclusive images. Many sets come from other popular websites, either from those of semi-pro amateurs or from some of the larger fine photography sites and you'll find high-res pics.

There about 500 videos total as well. Most of them offer great playback at best in downloadable MP4s and Windows Media files. Fun extras come with your membership too, like comics, erotic stories, blogs and even forums.

There is something new every day somewhere on the network. I would say that the content isn't the highest quality in all cases. However, it does offer some unique stuff in the sense that it is lesbian erotica made from a female perspective, which is difficult to find anywhere else.

Moreover, the variety of niches covered in combination with the female-on-female and solo-babe smut certainly adds value to this mega-site. Cyber Dyke is competitively priced and it offers loads of distinctive content. The 3GB daily download limit is a bit of a pain, mind you. 

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  • Comment by: Gulifur

    Score: 45% Date: 10/06/2010

    There is not material enough for at 3 month subscription. Regarding the download limit, I dont think that there are more than 3gb material on the website. Dont be fooled by the slogan for women made by women, it is the usual stuff.