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Updated on: 03/18/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • Our current content counts are smaller than before for some reason, but some of the sites appear to still be growing.
  • Quality varies, but newer footage on the sites, which are still updating, is often good in quality.

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Cyber Dyke is a network of lesbian websites designed by women for other women to enjoy. It doesn't have the typically over glossy and somewhat cheesy babe-on-babe action that appears on man-made sites that might appeal to the lesbo fantasies of a straight man, but don't really do Sapphic erotica justice in any real way.

That's not to say that what you'll find on this collection of CyberDyke sites won't appeal to a male audience as well, but it does a much better job at satisfying a female audience. All told you get six lesbian porn sites: Sapphos Girls, Foot Femme, Posteriority, Minx Addiction, Girls Tools and Dark Play. A couple of them for sure aren't updating, but three are growing about once a week and it's not clear if the sixth site that doesn't fall into the two others is updating or not.

At any rate, there's plenty to see, though you'll be doing quite a bit of sifting and using your browser's back button to navigate between sites, because all the material isn't laid out and organized as nearly as well as it could be. After all, there is no way to browse all the content from all the sites, so you need to visit each one separately and only some of them have user-friendly designs.

That means although it's generally not that difficult to track down the 417 videos and 705 photo galleries, you will occasionally really need to do a bit of digging to find all that a site has to offer. Although most of the sites offer basic search engines, they don't always seem to work efficiently.

Then besides there being no advanced search engine for the network and basic ones on individual sites that aren't reliable, you also won't find keyword tags. You can't rate content, leave comments or save your favorites either. You also can't sort the material on the sites, but you will sometimes find a model index.

When it comes to the quality of what you eventually find across these sites, you will find some newer footage offering good-quality playback on a couple of the ones that are still updating. I should also mention that only these two sites have the option of streaming their flicks. Otherwise, you can expect mostly videos that are below average in quality and can only be downloaded.

When it comes to the high-res photos that are offered, you will generally find the option to download each set in a Zip file below its thumbnail in whichever photo section it fills. Speaking of which, although most sites have a separate video and photo section, one mixes all of its content together. Another has one video section, but then splits its photos between multiple sections listed by theme.

Speaking of which, there is BDSM, pussy shaving, toy and foot play always being enjoyed by lesbian and girls. You will also see some intense action, like fisting or even "footing" where a foot is inserted. Actually, strange insertions are also something that you will find here. Overall, there's a mix of exclusive and nonexclusive footage and images with much of the content comes from other popular websites.

Fun extras come with your membership too, like comics, erotic stories, blogs and even forums. There are a dozen more videos added each month, while photos are added at a less prolific rate. And one thing that I think is particularly exciting about this network is that a membership costs about half of what a good many sites charge.

Granted the 5GB daily download limit imposed on members is a bit of a pain. However, the content isn't always the highest quality and quite frankly the file sizes of lower-quality vids aren't that large, so it would take a while to reach your limit. What's more important to note is that lesbian erotica made from a female perspective is hard to find. So with that in mind, Cyber Dyke offers distinctive content worth discovering for a price that's right.

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  • Comment by: Gulifur

    Score: 45% Date: 10/06/2010

    There is not material enough for at 3 month subscription. Regarding the download limit, I dont think that there are more than 3gb material on the website. Dont be fooled by the slogan for women made by women, it is the usual stuff.