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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Luck Be A Lesbian sounds like a new version of the song Old Blue Eyes used to sing. Personally, I like singing to this new tune better, because I never was a gambler. I feel like I should say something about how a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, but given the subject matter, it doesn't seem to ring true. At any rate, with a sexy ebony chick named Lucky, the only thing I'm risking is getting my undies wet from the sheer excitement of all-female action.

As far as I'm concerned, you roll the dice, you come out a winner in the LuckBeALesbian game. It's a shame, then, that Lucky has stopped getting lucky with other chicks on camera, but at least she's left us with 29 great-quality videos to download. A few of the big orgies are split into parts, but they all appear to offer one complete sexual encounter. You can usually find all of the videos from a specific event using the descriptions.

Aside from that issue, the organization is pretty good. You can rely on content tags and an advanced search to help you get around, there's the option to save your favorites and you can comment on each scene. Each video has an "updated on" date that lets you know when the content was re-encoded at a higher quality, while the "original date" tells you when the scene first appeared on the site.

You will see luscious Lucky in solo scenes playing with her vibrator, one-on-one with a gal pal, or in group sex. There's lots of strapon fucking - she is, after all, a self-described aggressive femme. Once she's engaged in the throes of passion, she likes to take charge, but don't think you won't see her with a man.

She appears with an older fellow named Logan. You'll even see her doing it with him for the first time while her lesbian life partner, Charm, watches from the sidelines. Most of the other chicks you'll see are bisexual, but Lucky seems to merely swing for the sake of her porn career.

There are also 21 photo sets to download in Zip files. You are going to see loads of shots taken during the videos. I really appreciate the lesbo orgies. Sometimes it's just a threesome or foursome, but other times we're talking about a seven-chick pile-up of pussy.

There's just something special about watching wall-to-wall carpet munching, but seeing it captured again in pics is great, because the video footage can almost overwhelm your senses. Just note that none of the pics are high-res and the lighting isn't always that great.

A membership includes full access to the Chick Pass Network, but some of her material shows up on sites that belong to some of the gals with whom she performs. However, there are loads of additional flicks and pics that are not mere repeats of what you've already seen. The network updates somewhere daily.

Luck Be A Lesbian is too small on its own, but the extras add great value if you're interested in seeing a lot of amateur/swinger content.

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