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Updated on: 03/23/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • They haven't done anything to improve the design or address the navigation issues, nor have they improved the update schedule, with very little new content in the last 12 months.

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We throw the term "sexy" around pretty loosely when talking about porn all day, but in the end not every chick deserves the moniker (even if she is on an adult website). But Sexy Jenny definitely deserves it!

This babe is sexy, there's no doubt about it. She has a hot body and a pretty face with an exotic appeal that makes her more than just cute. So, we know that she's great, but what about her site, SexyJenny?

Your feelings will really come down to what type of porn you enjoy. If you would be happy watching this gorgeous thing tease you in a variety of sexy and skimpy outfits without ever exposing you to her naked body, then you'll want to continue reading.

That's right, folks, this is a softcore non-nude site in which sexy Jenny poses and plays for the camera in a variety of outfits in both pictures and videos. But before we get to the content, let's look at the site itself.

As for its design, it's pretty outdated and when browsing the video section all the preview images are animated slideshows of the scene. I enjoy this option when I can hover over an image and control it myself, but when it's doing it on its own and there are multiple ones going at once on a page it's just annoying and tends to give me a bit of a headache.

The navigation is a bit confusing in that many of the picture sets and some of the videos are split up into parts that aren't obvious, but for the fact that she's wearing the same outfit in the thumbnail. Because of that I can't be sure that I got the numbers right, but from what I counted, I came up with about 155 photo sets and around 87 videos.

On a good note, the pics are big, gorgeous, high-res images and the videos are downloadable in a Windows Media and/or RealPlayer format. The newer movies come in HD files. As for updating, nothing is dated, but the numbers tell us that she's only added about five photo sets and three videos in the last 12 months, which is not impressive.

While a good non-nude site can be very appealing, I usually like to get to know the model and her personality. But the videos all have music playing over them, so we don't get to hear Jenny talk and there's no diary or bio section either.

Sexy Jenny is a great chick and one I would definitely want to see more of. However, with no bonus content, slow updates and all those design and navigation issues, her site isn't as appealing as she is.

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  • Comment by: Samuel

    Score: 4% Date: 02/05/2010

    Lets be honest here. I have been around the net and seen the nonude sex sites as they seemed to be deemed.The site called Sexy not sexy at all.
    I do remember a few gals i went to school with that dressed the same as her. Just because you wear tight clothing-this doesn't put the image of sexy in my mind. Trashy and slutty maybe. But really sexy? Get real.
    This woman is a want to be. You want to know who is actually sexy - Megan QT. The amazing thing is Megan QT has alot less experience but also knows how to please a man. I have been by both sites and let me tell you something..the models you think are alot less experienced are actually quite great sites to go to. But my advice for anyone who wants the real thing is definately Playboy all the way.
    Unless your so stuck on nonude chicks then i would advice you to go to Megan QT or Teen Tiffany or Blueeyes. Megan Qt and Teen Tiffany and The Orginal Next door Nikki- Nikki Sims. The women above have boyfriends so they have little choice but to care about how they look. Dream about Danni is another good one as she is married and knows how to please her guy. I am very sorry unless your into trash or sluts in which case sexy Jenny will be able to cover the basis.
    I mean its disgusting..these days you have women who have been in porn for years and has been in it for years they forget what porn is all about.