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Updated on: 02/28/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • Sixteen scenes have been added to the collection. It would appear that updates are about once or twice a month, but nothing is dated so there's no way to be 100% sure.

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Do you ever hit sites that you instinctively know are from Eastern Europe before a babe even says one word? My Pickup Girls is another reality-based hardcore porn site to come roaring out of the former Soviet Union.

The action on MyPickupGirls mostly consists of guys roaming back roads, alleyways and country lanes for horny chicks seeking a lift. These babes love nothing more than a good old-fashioned fuck outdoors and they don't care how many people see them sucking and screwing. Many scenes also take place in a restaurant bathroom, so they're not very public.

The desire these girls have for cock is the one thing that seems like the real deal on this site. There's a bit of a reality setup, but you won't be hearing a word of English (some videos have subtitles, which is nice when there's a lot of talking), so you'll probably sometimes miss some of the plot details. Don't worry, though, because the scenes are enjoyable whether or not you understand what's going on.

There are 220 videos and some of them are fairly lengthy. They can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and downloaded in multiple AVI and MP4 files. The quality varies, but a good number of them are available in Full HD. There are plenty of scenes where the babe gets down with one guy, but by the end is sucking the cameraman's cock as well.

There are also 188 sets of pictures, which obviously means that not all the videos have a corresponding gallery. The images look pretty good, so you'll want to download them in Zip files.

Nothing is dated, but judging by the growth since our last visit, they're probably adding a new scene once or twice a month. If you find yourself waiting for new content, you can surf the bonus sites. There are several, including Cash For Sex Tape, Chicki Porn and Student Sex Parties.

My Pickup Girls offers some great outdoor sex scenes and the site is worth joining if you enjoy watching hot Euro girls having sex in public. Although I do wish it was updating faster.

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  • Comment by: cutey123

    Score: 8% Date: 08/06/2013

    It's amazing that it's so well acted that it looks real, the extracts that i bumped into on youporn are so real, the acting is amazing. Sometimes the girls seem too keen, smiling and totally not bothered about being filmed and chatted up. I think in russia though, kids fucking someones daughter and posting her on the WWW for 1000 usd without consent, by a black dude, they would be fairly likely to get shot in the head, it is russia after all, full of white supremacists and you dont stick your head out abusing girls privacy over there. the girls are not bothered about being filmed... but honestly, i think that some of them are real girls, i can't figure out how real it seems.

  • Comment by: verge007

    Score: 70% Date: 01/04/2013

    The site is pretty decent. The russian girls are hot but they speak Russian and I don't. The quality of the movies is good.

    Slow updates. Half the movie is picking up the girl, half the movie is fucking her. You should better join because you'll get access to 9 websites instead of 6 including the ones you get by joining mypickupgirls. The names of the sites are different, but the content is just the same

  • Comment by: greenpen

    Score: 40% Date: 06/20/2011

    It's a shame they have never done anything about the slow downloads. Six and a half hours to download a 750 MB avi file if if doesn’t crash, as it usually does, halfway through the download. Been on two day and haven't managed to complete a download yet. Pretty dire if you ask me. No response from support two days on. Nobody cares. Fat lot of good having plenty of content if you cant watch or download it due to crap server times.
    Second time it's happened to me. Won't be a third time.

  • Comment by: Night Bird

    Score: 85% Date: 01/12/2011

    Good sites, with very beautiful women.
    However, I received over 500 Spam Emails from animal congress with females. USE TEMPORARY email addresses.

  • Comment by: Dee

    Score: 95% Date: 09/17/2010

    does anyone know:
    are these real picked up girls or is it fake?
    I mean, are these just sluts with a dating arrangement before they shoot the scene, or are these real ordinary girls, they accidentally pass by on the street?

    Some dialog scenes look very real, I mean, as they would never had sex for money before.