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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Let women be in charge of their own sexuality? Hell, no! Dirty D is a man well-known for keeping horny chicks in their place. So it's not surprising that on Real Orgasm Videos, he gets them on a Sybian and controls the motor himself rather than allowing them to take their pussies into their own hands.

You land on the network's homepage when you first sign in and it's pretty unattractive. However, once you find the flashing GIF image for this site you will be presented with the main collection and a cleaner-looking design.

You'll never see Dirty D's face on RealOrgasmVideos, but you'll hear his voice and clearly see him manipulating the Sybian's controls while the motor gets faster and the babe in question moans louder. She's getting a wet and messy hole if her O face is any indication!

Currently, there are 215 flicks of babes who battle the man-made Sybian. Best of all, none of the gals leave your computer screen without being brought to heights of ecstasy. You'll get horny watching them shudder in delight. The vids can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded as average-quality MP4s and good-quality Windows Media files. The content is a little fuzzy around the edges, but it is still hot.

The 209 photo sets come with high-res photos that you can download in Zip files. The pictures take you through each Sybian ride, starting with the babe dressed and then with her getting naked and getting on the machine.

You'll see some "featured episodes" at the top of the page that appear to be forthcoming. As it turns out, though, they're just a random selection of existing scenes. There's no update schedule to be had and it isn't truly clear when, or even if, new material is being added. That said, 17 movies have been posted since September 2012.

You will also have access to all the other sites in The Stall network, such as Ghetto Confessions, Tampa Bukkake, Electricity Play, The Oral Slut, Phoenixxx Blaque and Christy Wild. This is the only one that focuses solely on woman vs. machine, so you will have to be open to a variety of content. There are also hundreds of streaming DVDs and video feeds.

Real Orgasm Videos really needs to work on their update schedule. However, the videos look good and there are enough of them that this collection will appease Sybian porn fans.


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