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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
Number of Reviews: 190
Average Score: 68

The Stall is a site that unites a variety of content, including some of the most hardcore action known to the porn world. Everything from fucking machines to bukkake to solo posing to masturbation to blowjobs to anonymous fucking to bloopers and more are accessible from the members' area.

The king of this porn universe is Dirty D, a dude who started with a dollar and a dream and has created an ever-growing amateur porn kingdom. Although each site offers you a different amount and type of content, all combined TheStall offers you a powerhouse of material. But is it worth joining?

When you first sign in you will find yourself on the old mega-site homepage and it isn't pretty. There are these annoying animated GIFs representing the different sites and having them all flash in your face isn't fun. There's also a drop-down menu from which you access the sites.

Although the homepage isn't all that aesthetically pleasing, it's at least easy to navigate. Getting around the individual sites is easy as well and they look much better. If you don't want to go from site to site, you can look through the content right on the homepage. Just scroll past the links to the websites and you'll find pages of porn. The homepage is also where you'll find the advanced search and on each site you can save your favorites, sort the content, leave comments and rate the scenes.

With everything added up, there is a total of 1,798 videos, so you'll have plenty of content to go around. Some of the photos are high-res, but others are average-looking. The videos can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded. You can grab them as clips that come in an MP4 format and you can also enjoy them as full-length MP4 and Windows Media files. You can usually expect good-quality playback from the WMV.

Taking a quick look at some of the sites you've got the gangbanging bukkake action on Tampa Bukkake. After watching those multi-creaming sessions maybe you'll be in the mood for some blowjob action. Well, head on over to The Oral Slut. Wanna watch babes ride a Sybian? You can do that on Real Orgasm Videos.

Then I would recommend the hardcore fun that happens when lucky fans get to be with a gorgeous pornstar on Blowjob Winner and Fuck A Fan. And, of course, I can't leave without mentioning Ghetto Confessions. Plus, there are more than 20 other sites to visit.

Most of the sites don't appear to be updating, but enough of them are that you are probably getting something new across the network about once a week or so. Your membership also includes a DVD library, video feeds, hundreds of streaming videos, adult games and other extras.

The amount of porn available is good and the variety of fun sites means that you will surely be spending lots of time here just clicking around and watching all kinds of videos, depending on what you are in the mood for. I have no problem recommending The Stall.


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  • Comment by: chris

    Score: 55% Date: 01/27/2014

    Hi there,i didn't comment cause i can hardly see the screen at the moment and i am sure i gave max 4 stars.I think you are right,nothing is perfect.But next time i will leave a comment ok.

  • Comment by: harker

    Score: 45% Date: 09/29/2012

    Dated, old, and boring.

    The video quality isn't there. Most of the videos look like they were shot on a first generation digital camera or on an old film camera.

    I haven't noticed any new updates in the short time on the side, it may be perhaps because they aren't shooting which may explain why the video quality is poor.

    It seems like this site absorbs sites that have failed and just get the content in order to say they have more sites.

    This is bargin bin porno, some of the women are attractive but there are plenty who aren't. A lot of the sites are very pervy and white trash, and not in that good way.

    Some of the guys even the guy who runs the site talks like he is a 1960's DJ. If you are interested in joing go to the join page and back out, they will offer it to you for half the price.

  • Comment by: Jimbo

    Score: 100% Date: 08/05/2009

    Tons of awesome content!

    Been a member for over a year.
    New stuff to watch every day...

  • Comment by: anon

    Score: 30% Date: 12/24/2008

    great content, but DOWNLOAD LIMITS. You're limited to 6gb a day, which with current internet speeds is about 1 hour, and they lock you out. Don't buy