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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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We no longer link to this site.

POV is an acronym meaning point of view. Since POV Freaks is obviously referring to the porn world, POV here suggests the technique in cinema when applied to adults' only film. In other words, the camera becomes your eyes and ears when exploring the bodies of these luscious and sexy chicks.

Design and navigation is something that I take seriously. I mean, if you are in serious need for some porn, then you want your content 10-minutes ago, so it would help if the site was user-friendly at the very least. POVFreaks is fairly decent-looking and using the menu is easy as well. However, this site loses some points for adding a number of ads on the main page.

Currently, this site offers you 48 episodes. You can stream them in a series of three clips. However, if you prefer to download your porn like I do, then you might be better off checking out the full-length versions in either Windows Media or MPEG formats. Keep in mind that the MPEGs look good, while the Windows Media files have mediocre stats.

As should be expected in POV porn, this site is typical gonzo porn. In other words, not only does the camera man film the content from his perspective, but also he participates in the action. You'll hear him ask these chicks questions, see them deep-throat his hard cock and watch the fucking just as if you were the guy with the camera and the dick. Hardcore content doesn't get any better, especially since the reporter seems to have a steady hand no matter what type of action he's engaged in.

If the videos sound good to you, then you'll be happy to know that each scene also comes with a set of pictures that you can check out online. Sure, they aren't high-res quality, but they do look crisp and clear in a regular-res sort of way. Watch as these chicks enjoy stripping, posing, gobbling dick, masturbating, fucking and pushing out the cum from their wet cunts.

You'll see a link to bonus sites in the menu and clicking on it will give you access to a bunch of stuff. Extras include 32 additional sites, an archive of over 4,000 DVDs, the Paris Hilton sex tape and links to live cams.

The amount of content on the site hasn't grown very much since the last time we looked at the site, so it looks like updates have either ceased or they're coming sporadically. Either way, it would be nice to see new material appearing on the site on a regular basis. 

POV Freaks'price is a little high for my liking. Sure the site gives you lots of extras, but nothing is exclusive. Also, given the updating issues that I mentioned above, you would probably be better served by investing your money elsewhere.

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