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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I normally refuse to associate with chicks who refer to themselves as princesses because, to be honest, they are usually spoiled rich brats with little dogs and an uptight attitude. However, Princess Cameron is a different story. For her I would break my rule - and drop my pants.

This babe is pretty, thin and blonde, which is what you'd expect from a princess. However, the whole uptight thing is definitely out the window given that PrincessCameron spends much of her time in and completely out of sexy outfits exposing us to her sexy body, her hot ass and those big pussy lips.

Upon signing in I thought I was in for a softcore tease site. Then I saw some fully nude photo sets and a spanking video and I wasn't sure how to classify it. Then I saw a few scenes in which Cameron hangs with her sexy sister and gets naked (although no funny business goes on between them). What I decided is that the site is a mix of softcore tease and full nudity fun without any major hardcore masturbation or similar action.

For me, individual model sites live or die based on their model and my ability to get to know their personality. I mean, let's face it, there are a lot of cute chicks out there, but if I want to spend months with one of them, then it will be because I enjoy more than just her nudity.

While Cameron doesn't have any big "about me" section or webcam shows, her videos are a lot more than just stripping and posing. She does a lot of talking to the camera guy and her sweet persona is evident with every episode I watched.

There are 43 videos and 53 photo sets available and since it looks like nothing has been added in a couple of years at least, this is very likely all you're going to get. The vids can all be downloaded and they're offered as great-quality Windows Media and QuickTime files. As for the pics, they're all high-res and the different photo galleries can be downloaded as Zip files.

Though Cameron's website seems to have stopped updating, the bright side is that you get access to seven bonus sites, including The ATM MachineAll Rough Sex, Meat Swords and Ass Inspector. The network might be worth the membership, but if Princess Cameron is your main focus, you won't need to hang around longer than a month. Furthermore, the cost of a membership is pretty expensive and that doesn't help things.

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