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People always expect men to be in perfect control. Once in a while, though, some men feel the need to submit their will to a powerful woman. Fem Dominas presents sadistic Dommes who love to be in control of sniveling, submissive guys. They paddle them, torture their cocks, trample and smother them, and much more.

There are 59 videos and despite the dates suggesting weekly updates, the site is actually rotating its content. The vids are downloadable in QuickTime format and you have a choice between a low and high-quality option. The better of the two gives you average-quality playback. You'll see plenty of CBT and open-handed spankings and the Mistresses are breathtaking. There's a little description for each scene that tells you what kind of torment you can expect to see.

I found myself wincing and covering my crotch when I watched some of the scenes, because they can get intense. Maybe I'm a bit of a wimp though. Some of you might not have a problem with seeing a guy's dick all trussed up like hogtied tube steak with his balls looking all swollen and achingly red. Even seeing a dude covered head to toe in latex, with his face and eyes covered, is a test of my claustrophobia.

Navigation is quite simple. You arrive on Fetish Network when you sign in and you can choose this site from "our sites." There are plenty more Femdom sites in this list, like Elite Smothering, Brutal Ball Busting and Femdom Academy. There's also a focus on nylons, spanking and smoking. Some sites also have women getting tied up and dominated.

There aren't any photos here. There's a little camera in the update, but nothing happens when I click on it. Each video is represented by seven screenshots and these seem to take you through the progression of the flick. One dark-haired beauty starts out by pulling her sub's hair, then ties up his cock, uses a riding crop on his balls and then strings his arms up so he can't escape.

It would be nice to get some photographs of the action and some higher-quality vids, but that might be asking too much from a site that's not adding anything new. Fem Dominas has a decent number of vids, but the rotating content is an issue.

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    Love this site, a lot of promo content!

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