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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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This site is closed.

Given that the site is called Lesbian Stepsisters, I could come up with a funny little bit about stepsisters and what kind of naughtiness they get into when mom and dad are away. However, that really isn't necessary since the content itself doesn't even stick to the theme.

Yes, LesbianStepsisters does feature all lesbian content, but as fare as the stepsister thing goes, they don't even bother. The site tour consists of all these pics of scenes with short description paragraphs telling about their stepsister exploits. However, once you are inside the site the scenes are just a mélange of lesbian action.

One of the reasons for this is that the content is all nonexclusive. When content is nonexclusive, it makes it harder to have a consistent theme, especially such a specific one as stepsisters.

There are 30 episodes available so far and each one comes with a streamable and downloadable video. Some of them come with a full-length download option, while others (the more recent ones) only come with the option to download the scenes in four to six minute clips. The quality does vary a little, but the more recent ones all look great and that seems to be the standard for all future updates.

Unfortunately, that updating doesn't look to be happening very regularly. I checked out the dates on the last few updates and I found that they were coming at somewhere between two days and a month intervals.

The good news is that Lesbian Stepsisters is part of a large network of sites and you membership gets you access to all 40 of them. These other sites are also nonexclusive, but most of them have lots more content and there are a few lesbian focused ones as well.

The price tag is good considering the entire network of content. However, the Lesbian Stepsisters stuff on its own isn't worth it.

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