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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Erotic Japan has content that's pretty varied, as it brings you a mix of live-action and erotic cartoons. However, even though there's quite a good dose of naked Japanese women and nude drawings, you should know that what you're getting isn't exclusive.

Nevertheless, EroticJapan isn't without its charms and the idea of combining hentai with flesh-and-blood babes is sort of a unique idea, even though the content is not. At least here you don't have to decide whether a busty J-babe is hotter than her illustrated equivalent, because you can have them both.

There are 568 movies and they can all be streamed online in an embedded player and downloaded as well. Some are available in HD formats, though you're more likely to come across flicks that offer good-quality playback. This is mostly hardcore and lesbian porn and you can preview each in a set of vid caps. I didn't notice any blurring of the genitals.

There are also 1,362 picture galleries with Asian hotties. They are split up into softcore and hardcore action, although, as usual, the Japanese are always a bit on the kinky side. For example, in one set I saw a man and woman spooning on some unidentified substance (too viscous to be honey, but sticky nonetheless), before having sex. In the other sets, you'll find Asian pornstars or hentai/manga galleries. The pics are often high-res and you can download them in Zip files.

The website appears to be updating often, but it has far fewer photo sets now than it did a while back. Also, if it was updating as often as it seems to be, there'd be more movies by now. The evidence suggests that the content is being rotated, so you might want to keep that in mind.

There are video feeds that bring you more Asian chicks, while several bonus sites cover a diverse range of hardcore niches, like Totally Redhead, Exxxcellent, Shemales Of Hentai and Dungeon Masters. Erotic Japan would be more reasonably priced if it had exclusive porn, but it does offer a good taste of both toons and live-action babes, all in one place.

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  • Comment by: rob

    Score: 5% Date: 07/07/2011

    may i ask ther is one site thats name eroticjapan a wile ago it had a girls nails were red an she was on his part long red nails it was the site was all red on edg ok now i cant find it oki did get it once but not again ok can you help me get it