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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I have to agree with Evan Rivers. He believes that too many gay porn sites are made by straight production houses and seem to merely be "money grabs," as he calls them. He's also on the mark as far as suggesting that many gay porn sites lack creativity or simply release the same movies starring the same performers you see everywhere.

However, Evan comes across as your stereotypical narcissist, but his bravado is hardly original. Porn sites often claim to be better than all the rest. We'll soon see whether his hype passes the test. EvanRivers hasn't updated in ages, which is the first sign that things aren't going according to his plan.

There are 80 videos to download in clips and full-length files. Quality varies depending on when the material was added. It also depends on whether you choose the Windows Media or MPEG format. Sometimes one is better than the other, but you can always find one with good-quality playback.

There are no pics, only screen caps. They do serve some sort of purpose, because even though the site sounds like it's all about one guy, it isn't. Evan doesn't even appear in every scene. Some of the oldest movies are of random guys doing stuff all by themselves.

There is a lot of hardcore sex further down the line and Evan does a few scenes on his own too. I appreciate the diversity of the smutty action. Evan has one-on-one sex with some of his sex buddies, has threesomes with two dudes and has sex with a married straight couple.

He has a blog, comics and wallpaper to download, but there are no bonus sites or additional videos. Perhaps it's his attempt to make a personality-driven experience for his members. However, I'm not sure what he thinks makes his site so distinct.

I have seen other sites featuring guys who think they are a gift from heaven. Perhaps in other cases I was more inclined to agree. However, it's subjective, to say the least. Evan Rivers has some worthwhile porn, but there's no more coming.

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