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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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What would you do if your friend had a limo that you could borrow? Well, for the guys on Limo Patrol the answer is obvious: cruise the streets picking up hot chicks and give them a ride in exchange for a ride of a different kind (hardcore fucking, in case I was being too subtle).

That's right, folks, what we have here is another typical reality site in which guys drive around and pick up "unsuspecting" chicks off the street to fuck. Although we have seen this same premise played out about a million times, a good reality site is always worthwhile. Unfortunately, LimoPatrol is not one of the good ones. However, it isn't because of the premise. The reason is mostly due to the amount of content.

There are only 22 videos and that's pretty bad considering that this isn't a new website. And as far as updating goes, the most recent additions are dated and according to those dates, nothing new has been added in over three years. That would appear to suggest that they stopped updating, don't you think?

On the bright side, it isn't hard to enjoy the few vids that are available, as they can all be streamed in a Flash format or downloaded in great-quality Windows Media files. The fact that they feature some hot sex scenes doesn't hurt either. You may notice that the vids are all marked as HD on the site, but in reality they aren't.

The 22 photo galleries aren't quite as impressive, but they still look good and are worth downloading, which you can do with Zip files.

The lack of main content is very disappointing, but you get access to a number of bonus reality sites as part of the Reality Gang network. Many have stopped adding new content as well, but some of them are still updating and they give you quite a bit of porn and a decent variety at that. They include After Class Adventures, Big Sausage Pizza and Cougar Recruits. On its own, Limo Patrol doesn't offer nearly enough content to deserve your money.

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