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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

3D Supermodels is dedicated to computer-generated graphic storyboards and pics. Some look quite real, while others have slightly exaggerated proportions or stiff-looking poses. There are some crazy tales filling some of the pages, with aliens, superheroes, witches and other wild surprises. These are toons, not live-action models, so they often push the envelope.

There are seriously kinky scenarios. For example, a chick gets slapped hard by the jealous male lover of the manly stranger she just fucked. The whole event happens in plain sight on a city park bench. There are loads of these wild stories and you can see them unfold in more than just pic sets. 3DSupermodels also has 605 videos that often have good-quality playback, while those that don't are high-def.

You will see lots of sucking and screwing, but keep in mind that the penetration is blurred out in typical Japanese fashion. Some of them have hentai-inspired babes in school uniforms. Others have more realistic depictions of Asian beauties. There are also a bunch of Flash feeds, but only one of them has 3D characters. The others have cartoons that are regular two-dimensional drawings.

There are 2,016 galleries and they all contain 3D computer-generated images. They're made up of solo toon models, comics and random picture series. The comics have both complex storylines and dialogue, and the series have pics related to one another in theme without any plot involved. You can download all the sets in Zip format and some include high-res images.

The content is advertised as exclusive, but I found watermarks from other websites. It also might be shared with some of the bonus sites you get from the Hentai Password network, such as Comics Database, Manga Database, Hentai Cinema and Hentai Mania.

Updates look to be pretty frequent, but they're just rotating their content. Sure, the collection has grown since we were last here, but some of the pics and vids are sporting more current dates this time around and we saw them here last time we checked in. There is still quite a bit of three-dimensional fun to take in, though, so 3D porn fans might want to stop by for a bit.

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  • Comment by: John

    Score: N/A Date: 04/22/2014

    I have just been trying for the last few hours to subscribe to the cartoon 3-D websites which you have recommended and I have not been successful. I have attempted to minimise what might be blocking my attempts to subscribe by using the tools on Microsoft 7 for the Internet and I have tried 2 different Visa cards and I have still been unsuccessful.
    I then phoned a supervisor for the payment section for the websites when one subscribes and I was told something amazing.
    Apparently one needs to contact one's bank for each Visa card to enable one to subscribe to these porn sites!
    Is this true? Is this some new form of dreadful censorship?
    Please tell me how I might be able to get around this because I am buggered if I will talk to my banks to get any sort of authorisation when this is not necessary etc.
    Please try subscribing and see if you encounter the same problems.
    If you can find a way around this please let me know and otherwise please tell me what you think.
    Has all our freedom gone out the window!
    What has happened to the USA constitutional rights in this regard?! Even though I am in Australia I am appalled by this!

  • Comment by: Nosada

    Score: 15% Date: 02/21/2014

    All of the "videos" shown on the main preview page are fake. When you go in the site you will see that they are all photo sets, no videos. The few videos that are there look like samples from another site, and they are mostly under 2 minutes. NONE of the bonus sites work. This site is a complete ripoff don't waste your time or money.

  • Comment by: nazeer

    Score: 1% Date: 04/02/2010