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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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There's no resisting beautiful models and if there's one thing that Glam Deluxe is able to provide it's sensual, natural and exotic babes. I appreciate that although they're captured in what I consider softcore poses, you will always see full nudity. You will also see at least one dynamic duo who touch one another's bodies in a gentle, nonsexual (but highly suggestive) way.

Everything about GlamDeluxe looks inviting. The design is great, the thumbnails look fabulous and it initially looks like there's a lot to be had here. Unfortunately, none of the content is dated, but it looks like over seven weeks have passed since they added the last photo set and based on the amount of vids now compared to our last visit, they appear to be adding a new one at least weekly.

You'll find 65 videos split into two sections. Over half give you high-def playback and these 36 flicks are filed under the apt heading "HD video." Their MP4s need to be extracted from Zip files before you can play them. The 29 MP4s in the "mobile video" area aren't in Zip files. The footage in both sections can be streamed.

When we initially checked out this collection our reviewer was disappointed that the videos seemed to simply show photos slowing fading on and off screen, although the music kept things pumping. This time around I can tell you that they show completely separate performances from the posing in the pics. There are stripteases and hotties taking slow, sexy showers.

Personally, I am not a fan of the cheesy tunes that serve as the musical backdrop to the scenes on some porn sites. In the end, the shoots here often don't have any music beyond a few bars as the opening title rolls. I know a pet peeve of some of my coworkers is when a vid has its ambient sounds interrupted by the sounds of the camera clicking as the lens zooms in or out. That happens a lot here.

There are also 372 sets of high-res pics and you can download them in Zip files. I love that this site's photographer, Thierry Murrell, whisks us away to different locations both indoors and out and rather than focusing attention on what's around each babe he zeros in on the beauty of their nude bodies. The lighting is also good.

A membership comes with two bonus sites: Helen's Planet and Ema's Place. Glam Deluxe balances photography and beauty and the female body is the theme in each and every photo or video. The content is certainly outstanding in quality, although some people might like if the women were more ethnically diverse rather than only light-skinned beauties.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Volte

    Score: 74% Date: 09/09/2012

    Rabbits has an excellent review. Photographer, Thierry Muller, likes to tease us with his personal and romantic vision of each chick so many of the pics are very softcore. After recently joining, I just wanted to share my experience and report changes.

    They do have zip files now. Navigation is better and you can search by model. I didn't experience any problems with log-ins or downloads.

    For $29.99 I got the "recession" discount which included "Ema's Place" (Emmanuel at Glam or Avril at Met-Art) and another model's site I wasn't interested in. There are well over a hundred sets of Avril but, for the most part, they are very softcore. The cover photo is usually the most revealing pic of the set so you can quickly see that many are just topless teases. Ema's place has a zip file feature and downloads were quick and easy.

    I like Thierry Muller's vision but wish the sets were more explicit. Too much teasing even for this softcore buff. The movies tend to be short teases too. As much as I like a couple models (Avril especially) this site had little value for me. If you like Muller's style and sites like "Only Tease", this is for you.

  • Comment by: Rick C.

    Score: 30% Date: 11/23/2010

    Should be called Glam Deceit. Don't bother unless you like photo sets. I joined the site with the hopes of seeing the quality of their videos. They offered a trial membership so I said, "Why not?" The pics of the girls showed vivacious young babes in all kinds of interesting poses so I thought I'd give a trial membership a go to see the video quality before I paid full membership dues. BIG MISTAKE! It wasn't a trial membership it was RESTRICTED! But they didn't say so up front during the sign-up proceedure. Trial as I take it means full access within a limited time frame and maybe a limit on downloads. Fine with me. If I like the site I'll join. Met-Art trials are full access. MC-Nudes trials are full access. Many sites respect their return customers. Not so with Glam Deceit er...I mean Glam Deluxe. Trial means making you think you get full access then use a slight of hand maneuver to get your hard earned cash and rip you off. I've joined many sites with a trial membership and I've been rewarded with generousity. Not so with Glam Deluxe. They won't even show you the screen captures of their videos without a full membership. Why? Are they that cheap? Yes, and quite deceitful as well. I'm not interested in pictures. But if you are then their trial membership is right for you. If you're interested in videos pay the full membership. I didn't bother after being ripped off. Fool me get the picture.

    PROS: Trial membership of $5.95. Good if you just like picture sets. Lots of colorful pictures with beautiful, naked women.

    CONS: Trial membership actually means RESTRICTED -- as in don't bother if you want to see videos or screen captures of their videos. They are blocked from access. Deceitful Trial membership practices means they are hiding something and don't deserve your membership. They need to disclose that trial membership actually means RESTRICTED to picture sets ONLY! That way there's no misunderstanding. Steer clear!