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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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In the future, humankind will be replaced by machines - it is just a matter of time. Porn, always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, has gone ahead and started the process already with sites like Maniac Machines. Now, although you might want to imagine humanoid robot studs stuffing pussies with their bionic dicks, we haven't quite reached that pinnacle of invention just yet.

Even if we had recently come up with something that incredible, you wouldn't see it on ManiacMachines, because the site has been rotating its content for years. I'm sure it's been even longer since they made any changes to their design, because just as some of the footage looks very dated, the site looks pretty old-school, but without any bells or whistles to call you to class.

The 17 videos give you average-quality playback. Some of them are solo shoots, while others have a male or female assistant helping out with whatever sexual contraption is used, but you'll see at least one blowjob and some sex. There's also fisting in a couple of scenes.

Many of the women use pumps to plump up their pussies before filling them with their fingers and toys or, as I mentioned, a fist. The action has the pumped-up pussy as foreplay, but I realized after looking more closely that the chick who gets fucked pumps up a dick before the guy sticks it into her. It's probably the standout scene for me, because it ends in a messy facial.

There aren't any photos, but each shoot is labeled by one large screen cap and six little ones, along with a write-up. It's not like you're going in blind - and besides, with so few vids, I'm sure you're not going to be overly picky about which flick you watch first.

With no new updates on the horizon, you're going to want to check out the rest of the Explosive Pass network, which has sites like Real Naughty Babes, Anonymous Fantasy, Bitch With Muscles, My Very Hairy Pussy and Fisting Quest.

Keep in mind that all the scenes on this site also appear across multiple sites in the network. At this point, there are so many better sites in this niche that there's no way I can recommend joining Maniac Machines.

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