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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Her name may sound like the English word "nasty," but this hot, blonde coed is anything but what the adjective suggests. Nastya Girl refrains from going all out like some of the women on the Net. However, that isn't to say that she doesn't fool around completely naked by herself and with some of her friends. Did I mention that she's 100% naked?

Not only is NastyaGirl naked in her videos and photos, but the site is also easy to use and easy on the eyes. It plays up the girl factor a lot with the colors and graphics, but those of you into the teen niche won't mind one bit. I must admit that even I was stoked at seeing the cute look of her site and the petite body featured on it.

There are only eight movies available. You can download them in good-looking Windows Mediaand AVI files. However, sometimes the footage looks grainy and movies are only available in a series of clips.

You'll get to see this lovely doing things by herself, like dancing, lying on the couch, gyrating on her bed, washing the floor, posing and stripping. I'm not sure why she needs to get naked while washing the floor, but you won't mind the flash of her pussy that happens as a result.

There are 133 photo sets. While many of these are also solo affairs, there are a few where Nastya gets naughty with a blonde or brunette friend. Like the movies, some of these are divided into two to four parts.

The site hasn't upated in at least six months, but you do get access to 30 other sites with movies starring other teen chicks, including True Tere, Porn Wipes, Ana Fey, Stormy Friday and Harmony Finn.

If you really love the softcore teen porn world and the bonuses that come with Nastya Girl, then joining is something to consider. But on its own, this collection isn't worth the price.

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