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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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They call it They Didn't Know, but I figure they must have had a bit of a clue in some cases, mostly because much of the content is too high in quality to have been captured in a truly clandestine manner. Nevertheless, some of the scenarios are realistic enough to get your voyeuristic imagination going about whether they did or didn't know.

TheyDidntKnow's design and navigation are all good, but they fall short when it comes to adding content, given that it has been a long time since anything new was added. With the most recent video dating from 2009, I suppose it's now safe to say that there's no new material on the way.

There are 44 videos that can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in HD Windows Media files. However, some scenes are crisp and clear, while others are dimly lit and recorded from a far-away vantage point (ergo the "they didn't know" theme). Nevertheless, the flicks filmed inside make for some good viewing, whether they star solo babes masturbating or couples doing it.

The movies recorded outside, especially those shot at night, are not so easily enjoyed, because it's a bit tough to see what's going on. It sucks that you don't get always get a good look at the outdoor screwing, but I guess that makes the vids more believable.

The movies once came with sets of vid caps, but now there aren't any photos at all. At least you've got the entire Teen Mega World network to keep you entertained. You actually find yourself looking at the network's latest updates when you first sign in. You need to select the appropriate site from a drop-down menu to get to the voyeur content you came for.

The network is comprised of over 30 sites, some of which offer content that's quite high in quality. They're packed with loads of amateurs and a few of them throw some reality content into the mix. Creampie Angels and Tricky Masseur are just a couple that you can visit.

They Didnt Know gives you some super-looking "spy cam" vids, but not enough to keep you around for any real length of time. The additional sites might keep you around for longer, but none of them bring you similar-themed content.

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  • Comment by: bod

    Score: 25% Date: 10/16/2008

    They Didnt Know still needs to get on track before it shows its true value as a voyeur site. It gives a good combination of perhaps less plausible, but incredibly super-looking vids with more believable, albeit less visually perfect spy cam stuff.