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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Got Fooled! Now who do you think gets fooled on this site? If you are like me and guessing probably not the guys, then you would be right. Here again we have a reality site based on deception, deceit, and in this case fake money.

At GotFooled, the girls show up, are convinced into getting fucked for money, but when the guys pay them, they give them fake money. The girls are hot and the action is hardcore.

As of the time of this review the old "fake-money" scam had fooled 16 girls, which is only three more then a year and a ahlf ago, so don't count on it growing much bigger. Each girl has a set of video capture pics that you can check out. The quality is average, but they are good to see an overview of the whole scene.

The video is what you really care about anyways. Each girl has a video that begins upon their arrival and ends with them getting paid with the fake bills. The scenes are split up into short clips about 2-minutes long, and longer clips around the 10-minute range. Videos can be watched streaming on the site or downloaded onto your hard drive in either low or high quality Windows Media format. If your Internet allows it, go for the high quality, as it is defiantly better then the low. However, even the high quality isn't as good as I would have liked.

On its own Got Fooled is an ok reality site, but there are many better ones. The major appeal to this one would be the bonus content that comes with it. Members get full access to 7 other reality sites from the GotFooled guys, including: TgirlIsland, CreamPieSurprise, ThroatJobs, and BlackAss Busters. These 4 are available directly from, while the other three are available threw them, making for a total of 7.

Also, there is a large non-exclusive MPEG section and about 60 streaming video and feed links as well. Beware that by joining this site for the 3 day trial you will only be allowed to view the first video of each episode.

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