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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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This site is for all the guys out there who used to, or still do, get made fun of and/or fucked over by chicks. Cause that is exactly what used to happen to the creator of Vengified. But not anymore, cause now he is getting his revenge and letting other guys get theirs. This is Vengified. Unfortunately the site isn't as good as the concept.

The 2 main reasons for this are the amount of content, and the quality of the content. So far here are only 14 gals that have been Vengified. There is the prom queen that embarrassed him, the babe that used to throw food at him in school, some pregnant chick who has been cheating on her boyfriend, and others that deserve it. Each sweetie has a set of video captures of mediocre quality that take you through the scene, as well as a full-length video.

Don't expect to see any more girls anytime soon - they haven't updated in over 19 months.

The scenes consist of some good hardcore amateur action, as the gals are Vengified for what they have done. For example, one lady is talked into a gangbang while her dude watches from the closet. The video is split up into short 1-minute clips, and longer 5-10 minute clips that can be watched streaming, or downloaded. The videos can be downloaded in either high or low quality (depending on your internet connection); the good news is that half of the videos are very good quality, the bad news is that the other half are mediocre.

At this point you are thinking, the good concept isn't enough to outweigh the problems with the site, and I would agree. However, there are some things you should know first.

The bonus stuff!!! Members get full access to 7 other sites from the Vengified guys, including: TgirlIsland, CreamPieSurprise, GotFooled, and BlackAss Busters. These 4 are available directly from Vengified, while the other three are available threw them, making for a total of 7. Also, there is a downloadable MPEGs section filled with over 280 vids and about 60 feed and streaming vidoe site links.

Overall a very mediocre site.Three day trial memberships are restricted, so if you want to get a full experience, be sure to join for the while month.

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