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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Dawn is a lovely lady in her late thirties who, according to her own words, is an ordinary married mother. I'm not sure about yours, but my mother was as ordinary as they come and she was nothing like Dawn! Dawn's love of interracial gangbangs has left her christened Mandingo Girl.

It's an amateur site that Dawn and her hubby started a number of years back, but don't expect MandingoGirl to be the most appealing site, even after accumulating some experience. Lots of glaring white text on a black background make up the homepage and a non-functioning streaming DVD window first distracted me from finding the two links to her current and archived porn.

When I eventually found those two pages, I wasn't impressed by the amount of content. The two sections combined bring you only 69 galleries, which is eight less than when we reviewed the site in 2007. They typically have about 100 or more low-res pics depicting this red-haired vixen on her various sexual adventures. Sometimes she's just with one dark dude, other times she's with a crowd of black men and occasionally a white dude or two are thrown in for good measure.

This site has 69 zipped videos, too. They definitely have that homemade feel, what with the shaky camerawork, some clarity issues and sometimes poor lighting. It's almost like an X-rated version of one of those funny home video shows. This babe loves sucking cock after cock before having them shoved into her pussy, being covered in facials or even spreading her legs to reveal a hardcore creampie surprise. Too bad the playback is below average.

There's a live webcam, but it's only through a third-party site in which you would have to pay to watch her perform. She's also got a streaming app on the homepage, but like I mentioned earlier, it doesn't do anything. A new movie and its matching photo set are added every Wednesday, with a note at the top of the page telling you when the newest scene was added.

Obviously, there is no shortage of hardcore interracial fornication on the site, but Mandingo Girl has some seriously low-quality footage, even if it's competitively priced. It's gotten better over the years, but not to the point of warranting your hard-earned cash. I get that it's amateur, but I still think they could manage better videos and an overhaul to the design and navigation features.

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  • Comment by: thndr

    Score: 20% Date: 07/18/2014

    Personally, I would give her a 3. Somewhat cute in the face but the rest of her I am not all that impressed with. If red hair and big tits is all it takes for you, then be my quest. On the other points, I agree with "I know my porn". It's an old dried up site, probably on a personal server I would suspect. It's there just to draw in testosterone junkies for a quick buck.

  • Comment by: I know my porn

    Score: 40% Date: 10/23/2012

    I can see why some guys would like her, but there really isn't anything special.

    It's an old old site, like back in 2000 when amateur porn flooded the market for a couple of years. I'm not sure about the updates, I know I joined before years ago and wasn't thrilled. If you even go through the tour, it feels like the site was done in the early 2000. I don't think they invested a lot into the site, or have made improvements. I think it's one of those sites that the owners just leave up and hope to get some extra income. The woman has to be fairly old now, so I doubt she is making more movies. Just to get new clients in you think they would change the format of the page to catch more people.