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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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"The biggest asses on the internet." "Big giant thundering butts that will swallow your cock." Brick House Butts has all that and more. These bulging butts are mostly shades of chocolate brown, but there's a small white-booty collection thrown in for good measure. No matter what color, they do live up to the promise of humongous rears. 

There are 71 videos on BrickHouseButts. Some can be downloaded in their full lengths, while others are only available as clips. The full downloads can be saved as Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime, MP4 and MPEG files, but I should point out that the scenes that only come as clips are usually far less impressive. The full-length MPEGs will usually give you great-quality playback. Some of the flicks come with vid caps rather than actual photographs, but there are 44 photo galleries that come with high-res pics that you can view in slideshows.

The site really is aptly named. Bubble, round and phat - none of these words can truly describe the asses here. I don't know if these are literally the biggest butts on the Internet, but you'd be hard-pressed to find something that beats them. They jiggle, wriggle, shake and quake - and you'll seriously enjoy each one.

If butt girth is your desire, let me point you in the right direction. For bouncing buns banging up and down on a black pole, take a look at Cherokee. For a magic disappearing trick, see Aymee envelop her dude's face by sitting on it. Some of these chicks were enticed through the promise of tasty pancakes, so take a peek at Crystal's devotion to her food. Or observe Lenore and Pinky greased from head to toe - for easier handling, of course.

The site hasn't updated since August 2012. There's one vid that seemingly dates from 2013, but rest assured that it was actually posted a year prior. Given this, it's great to know that you get access to the entire Filth Freaks network. They can check out more than 60 additional sites, including Phat Booty Hoes and Bubble Butt Orgy. Not all the bonus sites are updating, but there's still a whole lot of extra porn at your disposal.

Brick House Butts may satisfy big-butt fans initially, but you might get more butt for your buck elsewhere in the long run. The website would really be much better if it started updating again, but the large network does add value.

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