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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Sometimes a "ph" makes all the difference. There are babes with fat asses and in general that also implies that the rest of them is fat as well. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but for all you lovers of black women, you know that phat doesn't have to mean fat. Let's take a look at Phat Booty Bang.

PhatBootyBang is a hardcore site focused on bringing you some of the phattest ebony asses around. While most of these vixens ain't skinny, they aren't fat either and most of their junk is really focused in their bouncing, shaking and round trunks. Those who enjoy a black ass that you can really grab on to or one that does that great shake with each hard thrust will love what they see.

What they won't love is that fact that there are only 15 videos available so far. That's only six more than there were back in early 2007. At the time, we assumed that the relative newness of the site was to blame for its small amount of content, but we can't make excuses for the site anymore. It looks like it has stopped updating and that's really too bad.

You shouldn't expect any great storylines in the scenes. Some vids start with the action right away, while others attempt some kind of pathetic set-up. "Who are you?" asks the hot black chick wearing just a bra and a thong. "I am one of the judges from the booty shaking contest," replies the horny black man who has just entered the room. See what I mean?

Laughable set-ups aside, the scenes are your typical hardcore scenes with sucking, fucking and either a booty or facial money shot. The videos are available for download as good-quality Windows Media files, but they only come divided up into many short clips. There is no full-length option available, which kind of sucks.

There are sets of vid caps on the website, but not actual photographs, so the overall amount of content is really quite low. Given this fact, it's hard to give Phat Booty Bang a full recommendation. However, your membership provides you with access to 11 bonus sites, including Phat Black Boobs and White Booty Bang. The additional websites add some much needed value to a membership, but if you aren't interested in them, you should just take your money elsewhere.

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