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By: Rabbit
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I cannot vouch for the sexual innocence of the babes on Dungeon Virgins, but they do get imprisoned in a dungeon under a church where they are shackled to bars and groped, among other things. What I really enjoyed, besides the fact that the girls are British, was the variety. Not only are women getting dominated by a Mad Monk, but sometimes he gets taken to task by a Domme. There's Lezdom porn as well.

The collection is divided into sections and you can find the latest material on the homepage. Updates have been a bit scarce as of late, which I'll discuss more in a moment, but the homepage has an updated news section detailing a few site changes, so I think they're in the midst of getting their ducks in a row (so to speak), before they start posting new material again.

The content in the main area isn't dated, but there are dates in the blog. Going by these, they haven't added a new video since June 2012. They have added two photo sets since that time, though. You'll find 212 videos in a couple of sections. Obviously the video section yields most of them (as well as the HD videos), but you'll find a few flicks in the "home virgins" and "outtakes" areas.

As I've mentioned, there are a few high-def movies, but most scenes provide good-quality footage in Windows Media format. I watched a hot bride getting shackled to the dungeon bars and Mad Monk get his bottom strapped and caned. The strength of this site is its variety and you will find leather and lace virgins, shackled chicks in PVC outfits and nude lovelies bound Shibari-style.

There are also 191 high-res galleries of brides, nuns and college coeds in the dungeon and there are spreads with a submissive male too. Some galleries have a Zip download, but as they mention on the homepage, they're making some changes so these have been removed for the moment. They've also started adding 3D photos, so best get out those 3D glasses!

Dungeon Virgins is a fun site with interesting, good-looking porn and I like the way they use the whole bride-to-be theme. The variety of BDSM is also a plus, but don't expect extreme domination. There's a solid library and it's priced competitively, but I would like to see them get back to regular updating.

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  • Comment by: Chris

    Score: 90% Date: 12/13/2009

    Very cool site with lots of my favorite british girls, yes its not hard bdsm or spanking but it very 70s british slap and tickle love the site and seeing all the british babes more please.

  • Comment by: MuckyDuncan

    Score: 60% Date: 10/05/2009

    This site looks as if it was designed in 1995 and never changed since. Broken links, poor navigation, really amateurish look. Too lazy to even bother putting the photosets into zip files.

    Main problem is the depressing lack of variety. It is basically a handful of scenarios shot over and over again, exactly the same sequence just a different girl.

    With a bit more effort and imagination it might not be a bad site. As it stands, the score of 83 is far too high. That puts it at almost the same level as Hogtied, there is no way that can be right.