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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Sometimes there's merit in relocating the source used for your sexual fantasies and stimulation. Erotica, beauty and the artistic form can be an additional sexual stimulant and this is the aim of the exquisite female nude photography on Free Form Studios.

J.P. Lefauche is a professional photographer who has turned his eye to eroticism in the last few years. His efforts have produced the website FreeFormStudios and a mounting reputation for capturing his models in succulent arrangements. J.P. is keen to evoke a powerful response in his viewers whether it's cerebral, emotional or physical.

JP's approach to nudes isn't strictly traditional. He has a soft spot for the vagina, the reclining female and legs akimbo. There's little in the way of clothing in his shots and one model, who begins fully dressed, unveils rather than strips. Even language can be aimed at arousing your finer sensibilities.

There are about 450 photo galleries and each is introduced by a thumbnail and short paragraph (sometimes very short). In each of these you'll find between 30 and 100 photos. Some sets are uploaded in two or more subsets. Most of the time you will find high-res pics and many are large and crisp (3744x5616). The better option is worth it for that clear-as-a-bell detail in the body's lines and intimate folds.

Some of his work includes a nude girl covered in a massive amount of roses, a white body on white sheets with long black hair for contrast, and an orange-haired porcelain doll lookalike for a John Waterhouse. Your mood gets enhanced by the choice of backgrounds for these stunning beauties.

There are also 11 videos that can be downloaded, but not streamed. Their bit rates and screen sizes tend to be all over the place, but you can expect mostly good-quality playback. Finding them is a bitch, though, because there is no seperate section - you just have to click through all the pages looking for them.

The interface is a bit simplistic, but, unlike the crappy navigation, I thought it looked good enough. However, you won't find Zip files for the photos, you can't leave comments or rate the content and there's no advanced search. You also can't save your favorites.

There are links to other galleries and websites that offer more of JP's work or to photographers whose work J.P. admires, but there aren't any bonus sites. You can also purchase prints or digital-image downloads.

With its beautiful and artistic softcore photos and affordable monthly fee, Free Form Studios is a worthwhile investment for fans of nude erotic photography. And with updates up to seven times a month, it only becomes more worthy of your patronage. Who knows, it might also add spice to your established or jaded sexual approach.

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  • Comment by: rupen

    Score: 18% Date: 03/12/2013

    This site is so unbelieveable and incredibly known to be a dangerouse weapon because it is known to blow the head of viever.
    I suggest,in this website is more interesting n exiting because watching the first experience of girls having sex in their life time and this will be like a scare that will never be forgotten.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/13/2013): Thanks for the comment, rupen, but why score the site so low if you think it is so great?

  • Comment by: Jess

    Score: 91% Date: 11/12/2009

    Variety is the spice of life and this site has it. In a lot of websites all the models and galleries look more or less the same, but every update here seems different, even the same girl will look different in each set. Videos are good, but it usually comes down to pause for me when there's a good image, so I just like good photos and there are lots of them. A lot of the early stuff is good, but there are no high res versions, although it looks like they might be starting to update those. There's something about this site that I can relate to but I can't really say what it is. I'm going to stick around for awhile.