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By: Rabbit
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Whenever I see the word "pass" in a sitename, I know that I will be dealing with a mega-site and that is exactly what Pink Visual Pass is. When you become a member here, one monthly fee will get you access to content from over 50 sites. Almost every hardcore category is covered, so let's take a look at how this site fares.

When you sign into PinkVisualPass, you will be greeted by a preview of the "latest" scene. I put that in quotes because even though you'll see recent dates on the scenes, nothing is truly new. Each site in this network is just rotating its content at this point. The numbers go up and down on each update we do. Also, if you do a search by title, you'll find those "newest" videos with dates from 2007, 2008, etc.

However, there is no denying that this network has a lot of content. Plus, if you like a certain kind of act, you can use the keyword tags to find scenes from the whole network. You can rate the content and leave comments and there are a few sorting options as well.

These are reality sites, so there is always a little setup at the beginning of each of the 1,906 videos (some more than others, of course). Let's get to talking about watching the movies, because that might be a deal breaker for some of you. You can stream all the flicks in an embedded player and you're free to watch as many of them as you want.

When it comes to saving them, however, the story changes. You can only save 15 videos in a 30-day period. If you join for a few months, you'll get 15 more downloads each month, but the ones from the previous month don't roll over. Joining for a year gets you 50 downloads a month.

One bit of good news is that all the movies come in an HD format, so the ones you pick to add to your burgeoning porn library will give you spectacular playback. Every video is accompanied by a set of images, though I should note that some are just vid caps. It looks like you get at least 1,700 photo galleries and they can all be saved in Zip files. The pics vary in size, but there are some high-res ones. Those that aren't still look pretty good.

In terms of porn, this site offers you pretty much all of the major categories: big cocks, Asians, anal, orgies, ebony, mature, monster cocks, big tits, facials, lesbians, gangbangs and more. The sites include Backseat Bangers, Gangbang Squad, She Got Pimped, Housewife Bangers, Boob Exam Scam, Wild Fuck Toys, Squirt Hunter and Her First DP. There are also tons video feeds that cover several niches.

Overall, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the material and the babes were consistently hot. But the content here is definitely dated and if you're a big fan of porn, you might have seen a lot of it before, especially with many of these scenes being very old at this point. That download limit doesn't help things either, so if you're not going to be happy with only 15 downloads a month, you might think twice about getting yourself a membership.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Bro

    Score: 1% Date: 03/23/2014

    Would you pay $2 for one lower-quality 720p video? This site limits you to 15 downloads per month so the math is right there. Avoid at all costs!

  • Comment by: Atle

    Score: 50% Date: 06/18/2013

    I joined the "Young Sex Parties"-site (a different network) with all the bonus sites that comes With it. But according to the Bonus-section on that site I also get Access to some of the sites at THIS network (they are listed as "Available Bonus Feeds", though, and not "Available Bonus Sites".

    One Available Bonus Feed are "Couples Fuck Teens", which to me seems to have the same videos as this Network's "Couples Seduce Teens". But I can't log on to it. Apparently, I can stream the videos (it worked With the one I've tried so far). But there is also an option where I can by the video (or rent it), but not even then download it to the computer. It downloads to some sort of "Locker" and I still needs an internet-access to watch it. So why would I want to buy it at all when apparently I can stream it for free?

    And is this the difference between "Bonus Feed" and "Bonus Site"? That on the "site" I can download to the computer and on the "feed" the Movies are downloaded to a "locker"? And if I register for a "Pink Visual Pass" then I can download the videos to the computer?

    I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this for me?

  • Comment by: Boatman

    Score: 75% Date: 09/12/2012

    Further to my comments of 5/12/2012, this site has now changed its policy. Even though this may already be clear, I feel it needs clarification! Previously, PinkVisual said that after two month's membership you would then get access to unlimited downloads!

    That would be okay as the site is so cheap and the scenes are superb! It would be worth waiting two months if you could then get unlimited downloads AFTER that! But NOW they are saying that you get only 15 downloads per month - period! But according to RabbitsReviews, if you join for a few months, you will then get 30 downloads per month (the standard 15 plus another 15) ( Could RabbitsReviews please let me know if I have understood this incorrectly!? )

    It sucks a little bit, I admit! But because the site is so reasonably priced, it might just be worth staying on it for a few months!

    Having said that, if enough members protest their position, PinkVisual might just change their policy (you never know).

    Don't forget that their policy on the downloads has only changed recently, and if enough people voice their displeasure, PinkVisual may restore a member's ability to get unlimited downloads AFTER the two-month probationary period! Here's hoping!

    I honestly belive that there is not a site on the internet that has such a great mix of lesbian & hardcore & group & big cock & gang bang content AND with such a low price!

    It's a petty they have to spoil it with such unreasonable restrictions! In addition, quite a few of the scenes are available only in low resolution (at least for the first few months).

  • Comment by: viky

    Score: 30% Date: 07/01/2012

    Pink Visual is cheating its members by not disclosing the fact at the sign up page that only 15 downloads of movie clips PER MONTH is allowed. I signed up to Pink Visual Pass later I found that only ridiculously low 15 downloads are allowed. I understand some site have download limits say 2GB or 3GB size per day. But this kond of only 15 downloads never heard before. I caution who want to subscribe to this site not be cheated like this. I asked for refund of my money same time within 15 minutes of joining when I saw such limit, but their customer support not replied.

    I also tell rabbit reviews to mention clearly that only 15 downloads per month are allowed.

    The only Pro is it has lot of sites in the network. To download even good ones takes years. So its simply fraud site. Not to join.

  • Comment by: Boatman

    Score: 85% Date: 05/12/2012

    Yes, the limited downloads at the start are a bit annoying but you can stream as much as you want during this probationary period. Believe me, the range and quality of the content on this network is pretty extraordinary. The resoltuion of the later vids especially is amazing! Good value for money too.

  • Comment by: Randy1

    Score: 4% Date: 04/28/2012

    Well well what can I say about a popular movie company and web site I use to like buying the dvds from before I had the internet!?? Well I do like my moneys worth when I joining these web sites and any think else as most do but sadly when it came to downloading with many options to choice from it Only had very little to offer unless I was willing to hang around for many months and I don't like playing those games of emptying my bank account for f**k all in return and when I say not a lot I mean 10 movie's maximum and not much more a month at a time!

    Overall; good entertainment with many web sites to choice from for every-bodys taste if you like your 'Reality stuff' with some jerk or camera-man in the back ground commenting all the while so it seem..

    Score; 4 out of 10

  • Comment by: Donny Long

    Score: 70% Date: 12/09/2011

    How bad can a site be where I am all over it, even in the "new" content. I'll be back.

  • Comment by: euroman

    Score: 85% Date: 04/26/2011

    Great Site! Tons of content, various niches, lots of reality sites, very arousing. Only reason I gave it 85 is due to quality and high price. If offered under $15 a month, definitely worth a try. Some movies from this site can be viewed free on

  • Comment by: lowman84

    Score: 75% Date: 05/02/2010

    Although the content is pretty extensive there aren't many you can download. They're slowly but surely making more of them down loadable, but it's taking forever. I canceled waited one year then rejoined and a lot of the scenes i wanted to download weren't available yet. However, streaming is no problem and the pics are great. If you like downloading instead of streaming only i would skip this site.

  • Comment by: MM

    Score: 95% Date: 03/12/2010

    Really liked the content. Love the mobile access. No issues with download speeds. I recommend.

  • Comment by: LB

    Score: 30% Date: 03/03/2010

    Worst download speeds I have ever seen on any site.

  • Comment by: drake

    Score: 90% Date: 06/20/2009

    Great content.
    Cost -5
    Download restrictions -5
    Total: 90/100