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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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In the 19th Century, women who smoked were often considered to be "fallen" women, since smoking amongst members of the fairer sex was typically viewed as something only prostitutes would do. More recently, even the most famous models are slender and addicted to nicotine, so it is no wonder that you can find sexy women enjoying every drag of their cancer sticks at Smoke City.

The navigation on this site leaves much to be desired. Is SmokeCity ugly-looking? No, I wouldn't say that. In fact, the simple layout and nice banners actually make it quite pleasant. However, there is a problem with the organization of the material.

At first, it looks really straightforward. There's a movie section and a photo section. From there, you can click through to where you'll see two sub-sections, one dedicated to vids (or pics if you're in the photo section) starring amateur models and the other being professionally shot scenes. It's here where things get awkward though.

There are 78 movies and 197 picture sets, but almost all of them are broken up into parts and uploaded out of order. Many parts are even missing, so sometimes you can't find all of a scene's footage. This happens with both the movies and the galleries.

A lot of the content was taken down over the years, including all of the hardcore. These days, it's all about seeing babes in lingerie, casual clothing or nude while they enjoy a few drags of their cigarettes. Some even enjoy a few cigarettes at the same time. I literally saw a chick with two lit smokes in each hand while she puffed off five in her mouth.

The quality also varies, with the amateur footage being less impressive than most high-end productions. On the plus side, most of the material is great in quality. The videos can be both streamed and downloaded in MP4 format, while the pics all appeared to be high-res among the studio-shot galleries. You have to save the images one at a time, though.

There are fetish and solo model galleries to check out, some of which feature more smoking (although not often). For your money, you get a decent amount of smoking content to satisfy your fetish cravings overall. However, you will likely be frustrated with the navigation before you find the content and the quality afterward.

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