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Déjà vu is supposedly a glitch in the Matrix that occurs whenever they change something. I guess that means I'm living in a digital fantasy world, because Discount Reality Sites gave me a wicked sense of familiarity, along with a different feeling, if you catch my drift. Those not familiar with the Keanu Reeves film can relax because this is as far as I'll go with movie analogies. The reason for my déjà vu sensation is because I've already seen everything here on Pink Visual Pass.

And I do mean everything. The tour page is set up in a way so that it's identical to the members' area. As a result, you can see from the get-go that DiscountRealitySites is almost a complete carbon copy of PinkVisualPass, even right down to the banner.

In other words, you get 4,738 movies. In the past, these scenes came in a variety of video formats and qualities and a bunch were either streaming or download-only. Nowadays, all the material is both downloadable and available to stream in MP4 format.

Keep in mind that the streams are often more pixilated than their downloadable counterparts, despite being the same files. In light of this, I strongly recommend you just save them, as all scenes are in high-def. The streams come in three sizes, but only the largest one is worth bothering with (the smallest is atrociously blurry).

They must not use the words "episodes" as we tend to do, because not all scenes come with images and many that do are actually accompanied by screenshots. However, I'd say a good 70% of the sets contain actual photos (albeit low-res), which comes out to roughly 3,247 galleries. All can be saved in Zip folders.

As for the content itself, you get a good mix of reality porn, with DPs, anal, monster cocks, lesbian sex and plenty of hardcore fucking. There are more than 45 network sites, including Boob Exam Scam, Her First Lesbian Sex, MILF Seeker, Gangbang Squad and many more. There are also two live cam performances with famous pornstars and new material gets added 12 times a month.

A major downside is that your downloads are limited to just 15 videos a month. However, a major upside is that a month's membership is a third of what's standard for mega-sites like these. With that in mind, as well as factoring in all the high-quality content, you'll easily want to sign up with Discount Reality Sites if you're not already a member of the site where its material is derived from.

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