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Updated on: 02/06/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Often when I go to the back room of my local video store, I may as well be walking into the Blockbusters of the porn world. The shelves are always loaded with new releases and rarely do you find any of the old classics. However, Retro Raw just happens to be a vintage porn site where you can get off on seeing the performances of some of the most famous pornstars.

John Holmes, Vanessa del Rio and Ginger Lynn are among the more familiar names you'll come across. However, there are others who were big back in the '70s and '80s and RetroRaw also brings them to your screen. Since this is a movie site, you won't find any photos other than the preview thumbnails.

There are 205 feature films, though, and with about seven scenes per film, that makes for around 1,435 videos. You also get access to two more retro porn sites, namely Vintage Classic Porn and Rodox. The extras are nice, because new content only gets posted once a month. At least you get a few new scenes with each update.

The movies are available in "high" and "low" Windows Media files and the quality is often good. The videos are a little grainy at times, but that has to do with the fact that they were made many decades ago. Navigation is a little frustrating with the lack of pagination, which means you need to go page by page and can't just skip to a specific one.

I actually hoped for more content since there have been thousands of movies produced in the last 35 years. I was also a bit surprised to not see classics like "Deep Throat." In any case, the site has a preference for John Holmes's films. There are also many movies with pornstar Seka, who is said to have made her name by starring in a number of films with Holmes and who eventually became one of the most legendary women in porn.

As I expected, there are story lines and lots of dialogue in the films, yet what I always appreciate about vintage is that the movies are lengthy. Contemporary films almost seem like premature ejaculation compared to these longer ones in which guys often held back longer than was deemed humanly possible. Some of the acting is a bit over the top, but the more famous stars are often more natural than their costars.

Different pornstars are known for different types of sex, but there's one thing for certain: You'll never be disappointed by these famous performances as well as the diversity of sex acts across the board on Retro Raw.

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