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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Sometimes we see security camera footage on the news and it always gives us real-time action. Porn often provides hidden voyeur experiences that can seem fake. However, Security Cams Fuck delivers something more real, although it won't exactly make it on the 11 o'clock news.

Once you've entered SecurityCamsFuck, you'll find previews and descriptions of various episodes. There's no menu. Instead, all the exclusive content is spread across a number of pages. This makes navigation quite simple.

There are 131 videos that have been shot in a variety of public locations. Offices, stores, stairwells, parking lots, bars and rooftops are just a few of the kinky places where couples get down and dirty and public sex enthusiasts will have a heyday! These movies can be downloaded in poor or mediocre-quality AVIfiles that sometimes look better than their stats suggest. The flicks are between 11 and 30 minutes long.

From parking garage blowjobs to fucking on the desk in the office, there's quite a few different scenarios. I get screwing in an office or or a closed club since there's not really a chance that someone will walk in, but a parking garage or corridor? And these people get buck naked, too! This isn't a "pull-my-panties-aside" moment, the man and woman are stark nude and just banging away! They certainly have balls.

There used to be over 300 movies on the website, so even though there are still quite a few left to be enjoyed, there are far fewer now than before. Another thing that's now missing from the site is the ability to vote and comment on episodes. Being a hidden cam site, it isn't too surprising that there are no photos. There aren't any vid caps either except for the three preview images used to represent each of the movies. Another thing that's lacking are extras.

I love - and I mean I absolutely love - public sex scenes and Security Cams Fuck is one of the most diverse and exciting sites that I've come across in this niche. I think that anyone who gets horny over the idea of couples being caught in the act will totally get off on this exciting site. Unfortunately, it looks like it has stopped updating.

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  • Comment by: Tiger

    Score: 65% Date: 11/06/2008

    Not all the videos are planned I think, but definitely most of them. I keep seeing this half bald guy appearing in different videos having sex with different girls. Also, several locations seem to be used again and again. As a result, i start to wonder if these are pornos as opposed to private videos.