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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I was reading an article about John Holmes the other day and there were various adult starlets commenting on the size of his dick. Some said it was the biggest in the business and others suggested it wasn't all that huge. I suppose the difference of opinion comes down to whether a chick can take such a massive cock, but one thing I know for sure is that the amateurs on Hole Rippers sure give such large dicks a go.

HoleRippers is all about babes sucking and fucking monstrous cocks. However, there's more hardcore to be found in the member's area. Aside from live chats there are additional pictures, 52 plugin feeds and 36 categories of bonus movies including just about any imaginable mainstream niche.

There are currently 23 episodes and there's a mix of white on white and black on white videos. Admittedly, there are more interracial scenes, but then you know what they say about black men. If you don't, then get set for some big cocks stretching the cuties on this site.

Most of the photosets appear to contain around 50 images (500x375). You can download individual photos, but I'm not sure anyone would want to bother. The video captures are highly blurry and I often felt that I needed glasses just to see anything.

Fortunately, the movies are better. In fact, compared to the pictures, the movies rock. What I love about movies, especially on a big dick site, is that it's way to expensive to CGI a big cock into every frame, not to mention time consuming. So when I say these dudes have whopper sized rods, then I'm not lying. You can stream or download 18-minute Windows Media films. There's no option to download clips, but I found that the process was quick. There are also low, medium and high-quality options (300k, 700k, 1490k). There's no wasted moment, no reality theme lead-up and no dialogue. These films start smack in the middle of blowjobs or other sex acts. The chicks come in all shapes and sizes and the newest video had white and black booty for the swinging big cock to carve into. Despite the bitrate, I still wasn't completely happy with the image, which seemed a bit washed out looking. However, chicks gagging on a long dong and moaning when being pumped full of meat was enough to send me soaring.

Hole Rippers doesn't have any pretensions and this is what I loved about the site. There are no Photoshop pictures of bigger than pornstar dicks and the dudes on this site seem naturally well hung. Better yet, the chicks love each and every large cock and there are tons of good-quality streaming bonuses that will keep your libido in shape.

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