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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Fetish Flixx sounds as if it should be a repository for all kinds of kinky stuff. However, it is dedicated to only one fetish obsession. All the content has but one aim: setting misbehaving ladies onto the straight and narrow by remedial forms of punishment, from spanking bare butts to beating smug asses with slippers or canes.

In case you're wondering, the paddling, spanking, caning and "slippering" on FetishFlixx are hardcore scenes. I don't mean that you'll see hardcore sex, though. Besides the fact that you see naked tits and ass when the naughty women strip down to receive their whacks,their buttocks will be beaten until they appear dark red or even darker purple. They get far more than a playful love-tap on the ass for their misdeeds, whether it's a man or another woman metering out the corrective measures. Neither gender makes for giving gentle discipline.

There are 149 videos, ranging from as brief as four minutes to as long or longer than 30 minutes. There aren't any photos, only a nice big thumbnail announcing each clip with all the details of the download. This includes the file size, playing time and video format used. The scenarios are pretty varied, with girls being punished for being promiscuous, stealing and playing around with a taken man. There are some religious-themed, too.

Many of the movies are available in parts and as full-length files, but some just have the full-length versions. Either way, each vid can be downloaded in a good-quality Windows Media format. However, quite often they are just adding a part of a video, so you may be waiting a while for the entire film.

Navigating the site is relatively easy, but design leaves something to be desired. After having looked through the tour page, I thought the members' area would be a little more professionally done. It has a lot of white space and is pretty bland.

There aren't any bonuses, but the collection is updated about once or twice a week, so you'll never find yourself waiting too long for new material. There are quite a few ads on the homepage for other sites, but these all require separate memberships to enjoy. Fetish Flixx seems more worthwhile than at first glance.

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  • Comment by: jaylo

    Score: 50% Date: 02/12/2012

    You really need to re review all the Xerotics sites, they have rehashed their content time and again, especially at sites like this one and Spanking Mags, 2 perfect examples but I could mention about 10 more of their sites doing this too and in some cases it's even worse.

    On the plus side, the stuff is more than ok, especially the older films but as I said, you guys really need to have a reviewer that KNOWS what they are doing and take a good hard look at all their sites and doubly check their stuff, it is misleading to say the least and lazy on your part! (I'm not saying all of their sites, so that is why you need someone to check as I am a member of their multi pass offer and it's a bit of a con even though it is cheap so I guess I get what I pay for?) But I am finding stuff spread out across their network, anyone else agree with me?

    I don't find this true value for money especially at this site as it is most definitely all NON exclusive content! Please do your homework when you review their sites, I hate being misled.