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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When I saw the site Gorillas Gras on my list of sites to review, I joked with my fellow reviewers about the "monkey business" I was sure I was in for. The funny thing is I was actually more accurate with my pun than I knew at the time, because the first thing I saw was a gorilla. No, it isn't a real gorilla, it's a guy in a gorilla costume, but I didn't actually think there would be any monkeys at all when I made the joke.

At this point I hope you are asking yourself, "What does a guy in a gorilla suit have to do with a porn site?" Well, there are two things. First is the fact that all the content takes place out and about at Mardi Gras and other spring break venues. Second, the gorilla costume has a huge 18-inch cock hanging off it. Still confused? So was I until I headed in and checked out the actual GorillaGras content.

Guys go out with a camera and a guy in a gorilla suit with a huge cock attached to it. Here comes the good part – the cock has the ability to shoot out long streams of white liquid (it's Pina Colada) and they get chicks to put the dick up to their mouths and take a load on their face (for some beads, of course).

So far, they have taken King Shlong – that's what they call the gorilla – to Lake Havasu, New Orleans and Key West and have about 45 videos, 45 photo sets and a few extra outtake vids to show for it. The quality of the pics is kind of average, but the quality of the downloadable Window Media movies is great. There is no update information, but it looks like nothing new has been added in quite a long time.

Basically, the site is a combination of your typical reality, spring break, drunk-chick site mixed with this crazy original-silly gorilla shooting Pina Colada out of his huge dick. I have to admit that as ridiculous as it sounds, I actually had quite a good time here. The concept is totally original and the great quality lets you enjoy the reality of being on the beach or on the street during the crazy parties.

On its own, however, I don't know if Gorilla Gras is worth it, but that's why it is a good thing that they provide you with more reality party content – without the monkey.They also have a pretty big extra video section filled with general nonexclusive hardcore movies that you can download.

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